Fremont, California

We live out in the country in South Carolina and are forced to use propane heat for our home. 16 years ago it was much cheaper than electric during the winter, and we understand that fuel prices have gone up - but this company is just terrible about regularly filling up our tank.

They show up once every 3 months... well... only when I call because they let the tank run out of gas every 3 months and then they hit us with an $1100.00 gas bill that they expect to be paid in full in 30 days. Oh!

They are just great about issuing an insignificant credit - and considering the fact they run us out of gas every single year they feel this should be enough to settle our complaint. I sent an email to their customer service stating I will not be paying the total amount due in 30 days from the invoice. The amount is ridiculous, if they just came and filled the tank on a regular basis we would be able to pay the bill in full, so I will be paying $150.00/month until the total is paid in full. NOW every single day the local office calls, they never leave a message and the tank has run out and of course they will not come fill it because there is a balance due.

I called the local office and asked to speak with whoever is calling our home and the woman who answered told me she has no idea who that is. GREAT. I told her to please leave a note on my account to stop calling if this in regard to our bill, I have no intention of paying it in full, that I have sent an email contacting customer service to pay it over time since the company cannot fill the tank every month. (Did I mention that one year when we ran out of gas the owner actually asked me if I wanted to get a bigger tank?

I told him no - I just want your company to come fill the one I have! What a lazy, *** solution - sure, give me a bigger tank, charge me a lot more, and then do not come and fill that up in 4 months instead of 3). And yet... every day they still call.

We have some cold nights still, and have been happy with a space heater. I hope the next call is them threatening to the tank.

I'll be sure to put a bow on it. I will not miss them showing up in August to charge us $900.00 to "top off" the tank in the 105 degree summer heat for propane.

Product or Service Mentioned: Amerigas Gas Tank.

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