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First of all, I have NEVER had an account with Amerigas. My father did.

I was living in California at the time he decided to sign up with their services. He passed away in 2012 and I moved back to Ohio to help mom sell the house. Though the account was in Dad's name, she paid the bills. The house was sold and the realtor and the executor of the estate informed everyone of the sale and had all the services cancelled.

I moved out of town and started getting their bills. When I contacted them I told them the situation and the manager in Chillicothe, Ohio said that he was sorry for my loss and that my father had set up a pre-billed account (deliver now, pay later). I told them the house had been sold for almost a year and no owners live there, why continue the deliveries? He said that dad had the account set up that way.

In the end we sent them a copy of his death certificate. They sent me to collections. (Remember, my SSN is NOT associated with this account, not anything else of mine.) I contacted Amerigas directly, told them again the situation, and told them to cancel the account (gave the account number), or I would contact my lawyer. They said "sorry for your loss," and had the manager call me "to discuss the situation." We sent another copy of the death certificate, and they sent another bill.

The message I received in my voice mail was simply, "We are sorry for your loss but we need to discuss this account." WHAT'S TO DISCUSS? The house is SOLD and they keep delivering propane to the new owners and billing me! If they REALLY want their money for services they refuse to cancel, they they can collect on him. I'll even give them the location where his ashes are scattered.

That way they can have a great time collecting on him.

Amerigas, is your billing department this incompetent? Are you THAT hard up for cash so you can go to Golden Corral each week?

Are you a SCAM trying to get more from people who don't owe you?

AMERIGAS, get out of the business!

Product or Service Mentioned: Amerigas Account.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Cancel the account and stop billing me..

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Finally, this issue was resolved. They received ANOTHER copy of the death certificate and has since left me alone.

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