High Point, North Carolina
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I had been a customer of Amerigas for 7+ years.Called to get propane delivered, was quoted a price,I told the lady I had just got quotes from two other companies and ask why Amerigas was more than $2.00/gal higher. She said I know,I guess it's because we are so big.I thought if you were a larger company,you could give better prices.

The tank rental was double other companies.

I don't know what has happened with this company, but it is a total ripoff.I had them pick up my tank, they still owe me a refund on gas that was in the tank - been over two months.But they are quick to add a late charge if you are a day past their deadline. Will never use them again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Amerigas Gas Tank.

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you dont have to wait for the tank to be empty. the new company will pump your gas from your old tank into your new tank


I am glad I read your post. I was just offered a "deal" from a local propane suppler.

$2.99 per gallon and firm until April 2012. I asked them what their normal rate was for an existing customer, they told me it was $2.99 and that their special offer to new customers was that they would lock in that price untile April 1.

On my last fill, Amerigas charged me $4.11 per gallon, I was shocked at the difference. I plan to tell Amerigas I will be leaving them.

I do have about 30 gallons remaining and after reading your post, I plan to tell them i will call them when to pick up their tank. I want to run as close as I can to out before I have the new supplier come and move the Amerigas tank over and install their tank. I am not in the mood to wait months for Amerigas to refund me for the gas remaining in the tank.

(so I appreciate your comments) I also heard they will probably charge me $50 to pick up their tank. I dont even really care, the mony i will save leaving them is more than worth that charge.

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