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Canceled my service in October,2013 because they never fixed a leaking tank, tank had 100 gallons when canceled. 7 months later called to ask them if they wanted this tank.

Supposed to credit me 100 gallons and when I got "final bill" they charged me to come pick the tank they forgot about and only credited me for 50 gallons! Called to complain and get things right,but the person I got on the line couldn't help me. Supposed to call me back,that was 6 days ago. They owe me for 50 more gallons and a refund on a service call.

They issue a small credit that I didn't deserve. Don't believe they know what they are doing besides ripping people off!

Monetary Loss: $129.

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Totally Clueless

Last summer I received a bill for gas delivered but not paid for just prior to the new season starting up. No problem.

I expected that but not over $300.00. After confirming what I owed them from my own research, I called them to sort things out. Before the call was ended it was determined that they owed me over $200.00 instead.

Last January I decided to cancel service altogether and was told that my account would be cancelled immediately but they would not be able to remove the tank until March.

I continued to receive bills through February. When I called them about this I was told that I had not been cancelled as a customer. It was also determined that they owed me over $80.00 which they said I would get back after tank removal.

March arrived with no tank removal and no check.

After calling them to remind them to remove their tank they finally came. I waited two weeks and no check. I called the office several times and got the standard, "your account hasn't been cancelled yet" reply.

I did get another statement stating that they now owed me $117.00.

Realizing that Amerigas is actually a front for a unsuccessful drug rehab clinic I decided to call their '800' number.

They acted surprised that somehow my account had not yet been closed down and no check refunded and 'indicated' that they would call the local office to get to the bottom of things. in the interim I have receive yet another statement saying that they owe me $165.00. If I hold out long enough I will own the company. Anyway, their main office said that a check was mailed out four days ago.

Even 'snail-mail' isn't that slow. Please don't deal with this company.

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