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I had a delivery of propane yesterday. The driver claimed my tank was empty.

I just got out of shower, with hot water, i hear a knocking on my door, well i didnt answer the door. The drive puts a note on my door stating my propane is off and locked. I call the office and the lady told me the driver knew someone was home. I said what was he looking thru my windows?

My question was why didnt he just call? Since my gas was turned off by you, and i made tons of attempts to get my service back on, to no avail. I even told them my house is getting cold, the receptionist said quote "go sit in your car with the heater on" unquote. I was shocked in other words go get carbon monoxide poisoning.

The guy finally shows up around 5:00pm, i told him the guy before said i had a bad gauge. I thought the guy was out installing a new gauge, but no he was doing an unnecessary leak test, which i never authorized, nor was i told that id be charged $50.00 for the test. He came to my door requiring a signature for the $50.00. I refused to sign because the test was unnecessary, all he had to do to verify i had pressure was light the pilot light, or thats what the guy did on my previous delivery.

On your bill it states a leak test or verification of pressure by lighting a pilot light, but no where does it state that the leak test will charge $50.00. The guy told me i had to sign or he was shutting off my gas. I have been without propane for over 24 hours now, no heat, no cooking, and no hot water. Talk about holding someone hostage Ikard & Newsom.

I told them to come get their tank, and thats when i was told it would cost me over $200.00 to have their tank removed. Well i dont have that money right now, so i guess my kids and i will starve and or freeze to death.

Product or Service Mentioned: Amerigas Tank Refill.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I had this company for 2 years. I was on a payment plan with them.

So when I called because my tank was almost empty. They set up a delivery day...I called at 4:30 to find out why I didn't get my delivery. I was told call back in the morning. I called the next morning and now I'm told I need almost $800.00 for 200 gallons.

I told them (I wanted only 100 gallons which I got last year) and they told me it had to be 200 gallons or fill up. This company is the WORST ever. My husband and I are over 65 and on a fixed income.

They could care less about their customers. STAY AWAY FROM AMERIGAS.