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We are new to propane and believed the service tech who said we didn't need a 500 gallon tank, but 2-100 gallon tanks only. Two tanks were delivered, one was leaking and was taken away.

They promised a new one in two weeks due to the service tech (who said he was the only one who worked this area) was going on a weeks vacation. We agreed that that was fine. Our two stoves (now known as the flame throwers!) used more gas than anticipated so after a week we called to get the one tank that we had refilled. The gauge was at 30%.

We were told that the guy would get to us by the next Friday. Okay, if the gas holds up. Service tech assured us that it would. We called a few days later because we were at 18%.

Then a couple of days later at 8%. Each time we heard, "We'll TRY to fit you in tomorrow." LIARS!! They had no intention of showing up until the Friday that they told us originially. THEN, after talking to the service tech directly I asked, "So, you'll deliver the new tank on Friday and fill the other one while you're here?" He said, "No, I don't do that." WHAT????

So after being told that he was the only one who worked this area he then says that another person is who actually refills the tanks. I said, "We're cold! We're trying to reserve the small amount of gas that we have to get through." They don't care. The last straw was when I talked to DJ at the Morgantown office.

After a conversation of trying to get resolve for the problem of having next to no gas and no second tank that I had ALREADY PAID FOR and getting absolutely no where, I asked, "So, what are my choices, DJ?" His reply, "I have no more choices for you. I'm just a guy at a desk." Well, I had a choice. I choose for you to get your tanks out of my yard.

Less than two weeks with this service and I'm done because of the lies and non-caring attitude of the Morgantown staff. DONE!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Amerigas Gas Tank Refill.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Amerigas Cons: You have my money but i dont have your service.

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