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Oh ya fyi the phone call was before 9am. Illegal from what I understand to contact someone before 9am.

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I woke up this morning in disbelief as I seen a delivery notice jammed in my door from amerigas. They had called and left a message yesterday stating that thier driver would be in the area and if I needed gas to notify them.

Well I DIDNT. They took it upon themselves to deliver 200 units which will now cost me $400 dollars that I dont have. I didnt ask for gas why would they just take it upon themselves to deliver it? So I can dispute the charges with credit card company now?

Truely unsatisfied with the way they handle their business. I will be looking for a different company to deal with my gas needs.

Review about: Amerigas Gas Tank.

Monetary Loss: $400.

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Bond, Colorado, United States #445780

If you are not on automatic delivery, did not call the company for a fill, and they delivered it without authorization, call them and thank them for the free fuel. NO CONTRACT = NO PAY REQUIRED


My driveway is right on the highway. All of your "IFs" are irrelevant as I didnt order the gas so they shouldnt be delivering it, period.

If I ran out of gas it would be my problem, not theirs and they would charge me more to light the pilots.

You sound as if you work for amerigas and as for being "proactive", yeah thanks for making me buy gas before I needed it. Also I rent and my lease expires soon so to answer that question, no I may not use it all.


I had the same problem with Amerigas. I didn't order the gas but I did call them and ask them to pick up their tank.

Instead, the driver fill up the tank. I still called them and told them to come and pick it up.

They did an I will never deal with them again. Went and got myself an electric stove.

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