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I recenttly switched from Suburban to Amerigas I did. I have no fuel called twice ...placed my order in December here it is January and no fuel, no heat and the response I got today is "your not on the schedule".

Really!!! They are total ***. Definitely going back to Suburban. .

They talk a good sales pitch but screw you on the end. And here is what gets me, when I had initially spoke with them, they assured me I would not run out of fuel as they have trucks in my area every week.

So what the *** is the issue now? Real good first impression.

Product or Service Mentioned: Amerigas Residential Gas Supply.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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You switched from one thief to the other one (the worst one)


Poorly run company. Profit and rules are the priority.

Sounds like they want to know their drivers aren't idle at your expense. What else could it be ? Must be a peachy place to work. Dumped this company long ago.Go somewhere else.

Maybe some " new customer " deals out there.

Buy your tanks if possible. They make more on them than the gas itself !


My parents and a friend are going through this exact thing. They both have been pending a delivery since 12/4/2017 and haven't been able to get anyone to respond to us. Where are you located and any suggestions.