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They cannot produce proof that they own the tank, but when we bought our house we didnt know any better and got our first fill up from them. Now we are stuck and they say they own the tank (but they own half of my street so they own mine as well) or I could pay 1000$ for a 23 yr old tank.

I check the filled % every month and watch it go up/down based on usage and filling.

Last week they installed a new meter and I lost 40% of my tank in a day (confirmed by the meter reading by the tech). They claim my gauge was stuck despite me watching it go up and down based on usage/filling. Since they own the tank, they should have kept the tank in working order (playing devils advocate).

They also will not allow Will Call members (like me) to see the fill% online until 2 years from now but the reason they installed the new meter is for Will Call Members who let their tanks run out.

Customer service is pathetic. Propane is $1 more then local competitors.

Product or Service Mentioned: Amerigas Propane Tank Refill.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Plenty of reasons for finding a new supplier : 23 yr old unit, higher cost of gas, and you are correct - if it is THEIR tank, THEY must keep it in working order. The tank and the meter. I've never liked propane ; is there no way to convert to something else ?