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We had a pool built back in early 2008 and by July we decided to look into purchasing a propane heater. After some research we decided to buy the heater from AmeriGas.

They came and installed the heater and tank. To our surprised the following year we received a bill for the tank rental. We have had propane tanks before and have never had to pay a rental fee! We did pay this rediculous fee for the next 3 years.

We purchased propane from them on one other time. Total cost of the propane was approximately $288.00. This year we decided that we were not going to pay this rental fee any longer, so I called AmeriGas and asked them to come and pick up the tank. Now I get ANOTHER fee!

Its a TERMINATION FEE of $100.00. I explained to the woman I spoke to that I wanted a copy of anything that was signed that shows we agreed to pay that termination fee, she gladly said she would put that in the mail. I told her instead to give it to the driver when he comes to get the tank. Which she had no idea when that would be.

I called 7 work days later and told them I was charging them storage fees of $10.00 a day from the day after I called the first time. I wrote a complaint to an Area Manager, who forwarded it to another, and to this day I have heard nothing. To my surprise, the following business day after my last phone call, which was a Monday, they came and picked up the tank. The driver did not have any paperwork I had requested and nothing for us to sign!

One week later we received a bill, and there was NO termination fee on it!! It started with $59.98, then a deduction for the propane left in the tank. Which they only offered me $2.00 per pound, the going rate that day was $4.00. When everything was calculated it came out to just over $30.00.

There tank was on our property for 7 days, at a rate of $10.00 a day, I would have paid them $30.00 of their "Termination Fee" plus tax. Some one told me that they will just laugh at me, well take my ADVICE!! If you do not want to do any more business with AmeriGas, call them and ask them to get the tank. Wait a few days, call them back and tell them you are charging them $10.00 a day for storage on your Property.

Also ask them for any copies that show the "Termination Fee" that you agreed to pay.

This worked for us! This company has questionable business practices and this complaint along with all of the other complaints should steer anyone away!!

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