North Huntingdon, Pennsylvania

I am both surprised and disappointed by the lack of customer service I have received from Amerigas. There is absolutely no excuse for the disappointing customer service I have been shown by Amerigas.

As a newer customer (of a 1,000 gallon fuel tank), I am extremely surprised how this company treats its customers. I purchased a home that had an existing tank- the prior homeowners used Amerigas so we decided to stay with the company. We set up a new account, signed a new agreement. We experienced our share of issues at first- incorrect billing (Billed $5.04 December 19, 2013 when it should have been $3.399), the tank going empty (February 7th), a driver not showing up when they said they would.

Then another issue arose- a contractor working at our house mentioned the tank looked unstable. I pulled the Amerigas agreement and found where it said the tank should have been inspected, so I call Amerigas to find the results of that inspection. No surprise, I am told an inspection was never completed on the tank. (Paperwork from Amerigas states “Never did initial service call.

Account was transferred into their name and gas was given to them.”) We had the tank for over six months only to find out that an inspection should have been done on the tank when we started service. I requested the inspection be completed- and on January 21st, 2014 the results say: “Service Check: Pressure test system ok. Call customer about replacing tank in summer. Tank in poor condition, needs replaced.

Inform customer if any fees replaced, 1st stage regulator.” The service technician states that the 20+year old tank is becoming very unstable on the hillside where it resides. We were told that Amerigas would call and be out in the Spring to replace it- that never happened. I came home one day to find an invoice at my doorstep showing a driver had been by and completely filled up the tank, when in the Fall I was told they would only fill it to 30% to prepare for the swapping of the tanks. No one ever calls from Amerigas to take care of this.

I finally called Amerigas and asked why the tank had not been replaced yet. A date was set of September 11th for Amerigas to come out and take care of the replacement. I receive a call THE MORNING OF the appointment only to be told that the tank is too full. Again- I had to push- even after being told by Amerigas it needed to be replaced last fall- to have the tank drained and replaced before another winter came.

The appointment was switched to September 16th. What happens on September 16th? Nothing. No one ever shows up, no one ever calls.

AGAIN I call Amerigas questioning why no one ever showed up, no one ever called. I was told I would receive a call back. Two days later after STILL not hearing from anyone- and the tank still on the hillside- I ask to speak to a manager.

Conveniently he is in a meeting, and I am now awaiting a call back.

From the 16th- 19th- the three days that Amerigas showed me how important I was to them as a customer- I called Suburban Propane. I will not recommend anyone use Amerigas as there are better companies available to work with who actually care about their customers and the service they provide.

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