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After being a customer for over fifteen years and always paying on time, they were disgustingly despicable to me.

For one thing they bought out my original supplier fifteen years ago but I decided to stay on because I knew it would be a hassle changing to another vendor..... and was I right!

But i waited until I sold the house since the buyers refused to take over the account . So I called the local office that billed my tank rental and cancelled the account as soon as the house closed. The associate took my info and address and said it be picked up and I would be re-embursed for the propane in the tank.

Then I called the local office three weeks later to see if they had picked up the tank since I received another notice to pay for the tank rental. They claimed they had no record of my cancellation request and hadn't made out a work order or at least that is what they told me. So the tank was still at the sold property and the next years tank rental was due. I told them the account had been cancelled in plenty of time and that I was not going to pay for a year that I had just cancelled.

In the meantime I discussed the propane in the tank which was 80% full and they agree to re-imburse me for the fuel and that I would receive credit on the final account closing bill. Then when I asked what the hold up was to picking up the tank she went into a tirade about how I my demands were going to deny others gas service. I just hung up on her at that point. Later that day her so called supervisor called back and said the tank would be picked up "soon".

So another two weeks goes by with yet another bill for the tank rental arriving with overdue charges added. I again called the office on the bill head only to be told they were not responsible for picking up my tank and that another office would be picking it up and re-imbursing me for the propane.

I told them to remember that the tank is located in a town that can become easily snowbound and that it needs to be picked up since it is now on someone else's property and I can't even guarantee it will be there when they arrive.

Their reply was to give me the number of the office assigned to pick it up and to call them for specifics. When I called the 2nd office, they stated it takes 4 to eight weeks to pick up a tank and it was in "progress". The first time I was told this in the hours of conversations I had with these people.

So in the meantime I get another bill for 30 dollars, with no specifics. Again I called the local, they said that the tank wasn't picked up yet but after calling the other office stated it had been scheduled, This is going on 6 weeks from the first request.

Then a week later I get a bill for 60 dollars. When I call to inquire when I would get the reimbursement check the associate said they do not reimburse for propane left in the tank, but that the tank had been picked up. She then said my account had been transferred to the 2nd office and that I was to contact them with any requests.

I contacted the second office that picked it up to ask about the reimbursement. They said they had no record of my account and to contact the first office. And that they would be the office giving out reimbursements if any.

Then the first office said my account had been closed even though I hadn't paid the last bill at this time and they couldn't access it. Then gave me the number of headquarters which was closed.

The next day an associate who said she was from headquarters but called from the number of office #1 asked when the 60 dollar bill would be paid, the bill I had only received the day before, She kept insisting that it needed to be paid by credit card and wanted my credit card number but she was told it would be paid by check which would be sent tomorrow as I had just received the bill.

She threatened me with extra charges if the check is late, I threatened her with going to Channel 7-On Yourside and my congressperson if so much as a penny is added to my bill.

Product or Service Mentioned: Amerigas Pick Up Service.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

Monetary Loss: $500.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Amerigas Cons: Total lack of customer service.

  • Terrible Customer Service
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