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I just read a number of complaints from customers of Amerigas and their stories sound very much like what my husband and I experienced dealing with them.

They over charged us for gas we did not receive and when we refused to pay they put us into collections.

After a very lomg time we finally got things sorted out

and I have decided not to pay them automatic out of our banking account or automatic on my credit card and decided I would pay only enough for the monthly service fee since we are away and are not using gas for so many months a year. All along they have been taking money by check or credit card that we gave them to cover the monthly fee and they would give me a confirmation number and just recently they have decided they aren't doing that anymore and never told us this and twice they mailed us our check back.

If I don't pay them right away when they bill us we are charged late fees. The bill takes a few weeks by mail for us to receive it and so now I have to call long distance every month near the end of the month to pay $9.99. At one time we had 30 days to make a payment. I DON'T TRUST THEM ENOUGH TO PAY THE COMPANY AN AUTOMATIC PAYMENT> I am not sure what we can do except have them email me once a month and I call them long distance and make a payment. They never told us that the new name BELGAS is owned by AMERIGAS. We thought we were dealing with a new and different company until they sent back our payments from BELGAS in the name on the checks said AMERIGAS> Why should we trust a company that treats their customers this way? Our gas is piped into our home so I don't think I can drop them and get another company so I guess we are stuck with them or have our gas appliances removed and switch to electric.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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