I am on a monthly payment plan which is roughly $250. per month.

It is due on the 20th each month. Last Friday Amerigas withdrew near $2,300 from my account and stated it was a computer error. They indicated that it would take 3 days to return the funds. Their customer service rep was extremely curt and condescending.

I received no explanation as to why this hjsappened and why it will take 3 days to rectify. They were able to witrhdraw funds on the same day, why no replace.

This is tantamount to fraud and all my calls to their corporate office in King of Prussia have gone unanswered.

My account has pretty much been deleted and very- few dollars left to get food or pay other bills.

Unfortunately I'm stuck with this company unless I want to buy the tank outright. I'd be careful on future dealings.

Product or Service Mentioned: Amerigas Account.

Monetary Loss: $2300.

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The reason it took at least 3 days to return the funds that they should never have taken is because their computer system requires approval from at least 2 managers to grant you the refund. I deeply sympathize with your situation.

Not many people can bear to part with over $2000 for a single day, let alone 3.

And shame on your local office for being rude and curt. Not that I'm surprised since it appears to be a corporate culture, but shame!

High Point, North Carolina, United States #631108

I received a bill in Feb. for 156.00.

Well I was late paying and know they charge 36. for late payments but in Mar. I received a bill for over 300.! WTH Going to call today or go to office.

They are ridiculous. I hate this co.

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