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Then don't use Amerigas and if you are one of the unfortunates to have experienced their total rip-off services, drop and go to someone like Suburban Propane. After a run-in with Amerigas on their overpricing and then cheating at the end of the budget settlement period by sending a bill in excess of $1000, I decided enough and switched.

Only after strongly complaining to the Manager did they agree they "made a mistake" and lowered the overage to $600.

So that leaves me wondering - were they going to pocket the difference if I hadn't complained. SO do yourself a favor, call Suburban and get professional service - they even answer the telephone promptly, unlike Amerigas.

Product or Service Mentioned: Amerigas Manager.

Monetary Loss: $400.

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Butler, Pennsylvania, United States #780080

Same thing happened to me! I got a bill for the settlement that said i owed $1,800!

and refused to fill it until they got that amount even though it has been -30 degrees in my area and I am due to have an infant anytime now. They didn't give a ***.

I found it hard to believe thy underestimated my gas by that much. In the end I had to beg my mom to use her credit card cause I didnt have $2 grand laying around to give them and I HAD to have gas!

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