After 7 years as a faithfully paying Amerigas customer, I sold my house where the rented tank was located. I scheduled a month ahead of time for the tank to be locked off, so that when the new owners of the house took possession they would be responsible to open an account of their own and pay for services.

On the day the tank was scheduled to be locked off, no one showed up. I called Amerigas shortly before closing time that day to ask what happened and was told their technician got caught on other jobs and he would be able to come out first thing the next week. I made sure they knew that ownership of the house was changing hands on Tuesday the following week and the employee assured me it would be done before then. Well...

long story short, Amerigas failed to do so for 2+ months AFTER the sale of the house closed and we moved out. Therefore, not only was our name still on the account and I assume we would have been responsible for any liabilities related to the tank, Amerigas never took an accurate estimate of how much gas was left in the tank to calculate my refund. It has now been 6 months since I started the account closing process and I still don't have a refund. The buck has been passed so many times I lost count!

I called 3-4 times (AFTER moving out of the house where the tank was located) before they could even tell me when a technician would go out to the house to read the meter/lock off the tank. Another 3-4 calls about how much my refund would be and when I could expect the check, only to eventually be told the office with whom I had been corresponding wasn't the office that handled my account (impossible to believe since for 7 years I had always been in contact with this office... the bill had their address on it...) and I was told to call another office and explain. So the process started from scratch with another set of employees at another Amerigas office.

After weekly calls during the month of May, I was finally told during the first week of June that the account ownership had been transferred to the new owners of the house, and the tank meter had been read and my refund would be assessed from there. I had to point out, well, how do you plan to refund the gas to me that was used by the new owners of the house since you failed to lock off the tank when I asked you to? This seemed like a difficult concept for the employee to understand, why I didn't want to let it go that for close to 3 months, someone else had been using gas I paid for. Finally we agreed on an amount for a refund of the gas (which, I will never believe was a proper amount but at this point in time I was so sick of dealing with them that I just decided to settle for whatever I could get) and then it became an entirely different issue that I asked also for the tank rental for the last two months of our rental contract to be refunded as well.

Again, very difficult for the employee to understand that if I paid for 12 months rent and only had possession of the tank for 10, why would I want 2 months rent back? I hang up the phone incredulous every time. Surely this is not something they don't deal with constantly, people moving and needing the service on their rented tank to be disconnected and refunds to be issued? Anyhow.

June 8th I was told the refund was in the mail. Today, more than 2 months and several messages left for someone to call me with an update on my refund later, I called again because I still have received no check, nor has anyone called me back after leaving messages. Today I was assured my check for $88 was in the mail... only problem is that as per previous phone conversations regarding how much gas was left in the tank (approximately how much anyway, since ultimately they don't really know since it took them 2+ months to drive out and read the meter) I was owed $116.

Here we go again... If I ever get a refund check from this company I will be shocked to death. After 7 years and thousands of dollars worth of business from me, this is a deplorable way to end a professional relationship.

Worst part (for everyone else, not me since I moved away) is that Amerigas is the ONLY propane provider in the area so we literally had no choice of which company we could use when we initiated our service there. Thankfully that is not true for our new location and I look forward to being able to use a company that 1) allows you to buy your tank outright instead of rent, and 2) isn't a complete disaster in the customer service department.

Product or Service Mentioned: Amerigas Gas Tank.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Did you provide them with your new address for your refund? Here is a little secret that they do, if they owe a refund they will send it to your old address and when it is returned to them they then do nothing the refunds come out of corporate office in Pennsylvania so once the check is returned to them they reobsorbe the money they won't try to reach out to you for a good address.



As of 10/22/15 I still have not received my refund check. Upon calling for the hundredth time today I was told this issue is normally handled by district managers and my case would be referred to one.

I'm sure it will get handled this time. NOT!

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