Gloucester, Virginia
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Called to question a fee on my bill and was told it was not hidden. Started to look into it on back of the invoice and every customer of theirs needs to watch out.

This is quoted from back of invoice "The company reserves the right to change its fees, rates, and charges from time to time without prior notice.

The Company's fees, rates, and charges include its procurement costs and may vary depending upon, amount other things, the volume of propane purchased, customer classification, derivative activity to reduce price volatility ownership of equipment and competitive conditions. Because these fees are subject to change, we suggest you regularly visit our website in order to view a list of our most current fees and charges.

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i don't really see what you're complaining about. they told you the fee wasn't hidden.

if it were you'd not have seen it on your bill.

then you go on to quote their own literature which clearly states that they have the right to chaange their fees, rates, and charges from time to time without prior notice." they also tell you to make sure because of that possibility you should log onto their website to view the list of their most current fees & charges.

so again i really don't see what you're complaint is. you had a fee you questioned they answered your question and you then go on to quote their paperwork that answers the question you had.

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