Milwaukee, Wisconsin

I was a customer for 28 years... I just got sick of all of the fees.= Rental $136.oo a year, Haz mat=$9.59,Fuel recovery=$7.62, and they are all ways higher than everyone else on price per.

gal.. Find a small local co. and use then .....Switched to a local co. No fees and a 99 cents a gallon...

I told amerigas to come and pick up there tank, they after 28 years and they sent me a bill for that too... $42.03 one last knife in the back from them...

DON"T USE amerigas find a local co. or switch to some other fuel.......

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

Amerigas Cons: All the fees.

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I absolutely agree! I have had the same experience.


It must have been with the branch that you had to get your propane through. I have found that amerigas is a very good company they lead the industry in saftey standards i have had other propane companys before and there is no comparison. Thank you

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