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As a former customer and employee all i can say is "just say no" to amerigas. They have scamming and lying down to a new art form.

Their "employee pricing" was often higher than the local competition. The management has no cares for the workers or customers all that matters is the bottom line. The last three years we were told they werent making and a 1% raise if any would be it, then the last two years we were cut back to 36 hours a week for six months. At the beginning of this year they announced the purchase of Heritage Propane for a outrageuos sum.

The best plan is to support your local mom and pops cause Amerigas is buying out all competition it can to make you have to accept their services. As for the $100 tank pick up, the only time my former district charged it was if your tank was over 5% cause DOT will not let you haul a tank with more than that. Amerigas has more forms to fill out than the IRS so make sure you get a copy of everything you sign! As for those people with tanks in your yard for a couple weeks good luck.

I have loaded tanks sitting there for three and a half years! Best advice threaten to start charging storage fees.

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I worked in the office at Heritage Propane, now Amerigas as of Jan. 2012 for almost 4 years. Heritage Propane, AND Amerigas care nothing of their employees, as much as they don't care about their customers!!! I can assure you this. When it was Heritage Propane, they overcharged customers for everything...and I mean everything! Now that they are Amerigas, they are just overcharging more. I can say that the girls in the office I worked at actually tried to do the best thing for the customer, but would often get into trouble for doing something that might benefit the customer. Then, on top of all that, when the "merger" was completed in Jan. 2012, any Heritage Propane employee that got laid off as a result of the "merger" would get severance, etc. Well, that's a bunch of ***! Was laid off at beginning of Feb. 2012, 2 weeks after merger, and was told that I don't get severance because my lay off was due to our profit margin being off, and not the merger. So, here's the list of B.S. that they are going to try and nail your wallet for:

- tank rental-- half of the customer's at one location are not required to pay tank rent just because they complained.

- the transportation fuel charge, and the regulatory compliance charge are both just a money making racket. They are literally charged to make the company money from no real goods or services.

- They tell you there is "free" installation, but you will be charged for anything that is replaced from the tank to the house regulator. This includes lines from the tank to the house, regulator on the house, any fittings, etc.

- Prebuy and budget pricing, let's just say, the more you complain the lower price your going to get. They start their pricing high for winter programs, and hope to keep you at highest price possible after haggling. Those of you that don't complain or haggle about this price are getting royally screwed.

- 75% of the people on prebuy and/or budget programs are getting lower prices than you are because they asked.

- Example of their pricing: Actual price of LP purchased by company- $ 1.792, and you, the customer would get charged 2.69 or 2.799 per gallon. This is just an example of one instance from when I worked for these corporate ***.


How many of you Amerigas customer's did they tell that they were buying out Heritage Propane? How many Heritage Propane customers did they tell that Amerigas was buying them out? I can answer, NONE. We were actually told not to tell any Amerigas customers that wanted to change to Heritage Propane that we were owned by Amerigas already!!!


Hello, I was actually asking the gentleman who worked for AmeriGas his opinion. But Thank you for yours.

Gotta tell ya, I made that call on Friday was told all of that above and your not gonna believe this, they came first thing this morning and picked the tank up!!!!! I tell them I am charging them storage fees and boom, they are here in a flash first thing next business day to pick it up!! And the AmeriGas driver didnt hand us a bill, nothing!!

I also got a speedy response from the area manager on Friday! So I quess we shall see what they will do now!!


I doubt you signed a lease with that company that stated you have the right to charge a storage fee, so you will just get laughed at.

Your best approach is to just go up the food chain and explain to an area director how long the tank was left in the yard, unhooked and ready to pick up. If your calm about it they may just waive alot of that fee.


I just got off the phone with Amerigas in Brooksville. This is my second call to them in the last two weeks.

I told the girl that we were going to start charging them storage fee's. She admitted that the girl that normally does this was in training and usually does the order for the next day. She said that she is trying to get caught up on her paperwork, yeah right! I allowed for the next day and told her that.

But that I was charging them $10.00 a day for storage. The girl I spoke with told me you do what you have to do. I am now going to send an email to the area Manager explaining my intentions on charging them the $10.00 a day storage fee!

Please give me your imput on this, as a past employee. I would appreciate your opinion very much!

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