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I called local office to schedule appt as I would be a new customer I spoke to a woman named Susan Caruso at that time she scheduled to have a site survey done on my property I didn’t see a reason too have it done as I already had a prior company there and have lines, btw I own my tank. I had a service man come out by the name of ron, he spent over an hour there at my residence however the majority of the time he was on the phone with local office with Susan not talking about the job but personal stuff overhearing the conversation as he was on a wireless ear piece.

Not once did he speak to me or to inform me of what he was doing or why he was even there.. I was told I was going to be charged for the site survey, WHAT!! Apparently when I asked him was there a problem with the long phone conversation his response was you know how spouses can be.. no no I don’t because my husband and I don’t work together nor would either of us put our personal interest first!

I called back to office while he was still here and spoke to a deb the office manager and complained her reply was it is against company policies for a supervisor to engage in a relationship with field employees, I can see why after the time spent at my residence turned into their time.. I would suggest addressing these type of behaviors with your employees before you end up losing more potential customers..

Product or Service Mentioned: Amerigas Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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They wonder why customer service sucks there.. maybe employees should keep personal affairs separate from employee to employee relationships..

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