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My Mother inlaw is a 33 year customer of Amerigas. She is now 93 years old.

She ordered her gas 11-30-2010 in the morning. At that time she only had 6% left. When your on a fixed income you can only order so much. She perchased 100 gallons.

She has also been put on COD for no apparent reason. It is now Monday 12-6-2010 She still has no gas delivery. As of Saturday she ran out of gas. This is needed for her heating.

Her tank reads 4% yet no gas is left, had to turn it off. It is now 32 degrees and raining. We bought to space heaters to help her. Now she has no heat, and can not even take a bath if she wanted.

We saw the truck on our street on Friday. When Amerigas was called and asked why they passed her up, there reasponse was someone had a leak and the driver was pulled off route to fix it. 100 Gallons is all she needed, tell me those tanks don't hold enough to give her a 33 yr customer her little 100 gallons. Amerigas should be ashamed of themselves for makeing this 93 woman suffur.

When next year comes around we will be looking for another gas company, so she will never experience this again. Very disipointed in Amerigas, and would never recomend them to anyone.

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We are sorry to hear about your situation and apologize for your recent experience with AmeriGas. AmeriGas prides itself on providing our customers with the highest levels of customer service and we would like to help.

At your convenience, please contact Fran directly via email at so we can promptly assist you with this issue. To better assist you, please provide your AmeriGas customer number, phone number or the address and zip code where your propane tank is located.

Thank-You. AmeriGas Customer Service.


Everyone is on a fixed income if you make 12.00 per hour that is fixed.


Of course the new company came out the same day. They're sitting around twiddling their thumbs with nothing to do while Amerigas is busy delivering propane to their 1.3 million customers. Sorry that you had to wait in line like everyone else has to when they buy something.


Evidently no one seems to get it. And you know what I say to all you negative people

So What!!!

In regards to all you negative people who seem to have the reason or the know why for every body's situation *** my A#@. Wait until your 93 on a fixed income. You can pass by the tank all you want, but if money is slim, you can stare at it all you want but without money then what?. And what makes you think we didn't take her home with us until the new company we hired came.

Which by the way was the day they were called. And as for lieing of course some of you would. Some have to and some just plain ole do. This is about a company that has grown to big for its self.

Forgot about people now and have nothing but $ in there eyes. This issuse is long over find something else to be wierd about.


Boy you sure are showing them, Waiting till the coldest part of the year to call for gas, Why don\'t ya fill up in the summer time when gas is cheaper and you probably pass your tank at least every other week when cutting grass. Oh that sounds like too much sense. What some people have to complain about besides taking responsibility for their own actions always the businesses or someone elese\'s fault.


If my 93 year old mother in law was faced with freezing to death I think I would take her to my house so she could get warm. Sounds to me like she is using to small of a tank to heat with if all she needs is 100 gallons.

Usually I heat my house with at least 300 gallons. Poor little lady I'll come get her and let her get warm in my house, even give her some hot chocolate.


If my 93 year old mother is freezing in her house because she's out of gas, do you think I care about a $150 pain in the *** fee?

I will lie to whoever I have to if it means she will be taken care of.

I don't condone someone waiting until they are out of fuel to order more. I never expect to get a refill from any company faster than a week, but Maxine is in a unique position and the other *** on here posting *** (WhyIsItCheaper?) does nothing to help. He says the reason other companies are cheaper than AG is due to lack of customer service - in reality I have found the opposite to be true. I've always gotten better & more personal service from the 'local yokels' than the corporate conglomerates. Usually I know those folks on a first-name basis and even have their personal phone numbers. Most of them are always willing to help in these types of unique circumstances.

Just so happens with the conglomerate I'm now dealing with - I've heard & read tons of complaints about them, probably even more than AG - but I know the district manager personally. He has gone out of his way to keep me happy and in return I have recommended them to many others in our area. What happened? All the AG tanks have been removed and replaced by the other company. They have maintained their pricing significantly lower than AG. They even had one of the local 'mom & pops' come fill tanks in our neighborhood when they had a problem with their truck. That's called good business and 'cooperative competition'. Something AG should take note of.

As for WhyIsItCheaper? & his/her comments - well he can just keep spewing for all I care...


IF Amerigas answers their phone, they will charge you to listen to you complain about their poor service. Great!

I just love MONOPOLIES! I have now learned that I will NEVER buy another house dependent on PROPANE in an area where Amerigas has a MONOPOLY! Really? I just got a bill NINE days after I paid it and now they are asking for more.

I paid it FIVE days before the statement date...

REALLY??? I do not have heat turned on because I don't want to pay more money so we are all freezing...


company policy say we have 7 days to deliver fuel to call in customers in my office i require fuel to be delivered within 48 hours. if my customer service reps are rude on the phone to any customer no matter how rude the customer they will face immediate and severe discipline from me.

i place customer service second only to safety in my office. this is not true of all amerigas offices. it should be. after nearly 20 years of listening to the same types of complaints as maxine daily.

we just get fed up and tired of selfish self-centered people who think their wants are more important than their neighbors safety.

for the individual who recommended lying about a gas leak at 3am to get fuel i have a $150 pain in the butt fee plus fuel plus leak check that i will charge. dont give dumb advice like that i usually waive the 150 for honest people who are not running a scam. my office will always work with people even if we have to arrange alternative payment terms to help them.

Propane is to expensive not to help when we can. as a new manager for this company i know that most of the valid complaints on this forum are a result of bad local managers and employees in a few offices. not all of us are like that.

like most of you i fight constantly to get the company to allow me to lower prices on fuel to a reasonable level so far no luck but some of us are trying.

if you have valid complaints continue to call amerigas customer care they force all managers and market managers to respond with in 48 hrs so don't give up just be sure its a valid complaint not just whining.



Propane Man does have more important things to do... like being rude on the phone to people like WhyIsItCheaper? when they call at 3AM because they smell gas and are too lazy or *** to go outside and turn off the gas valve.

I'm sorry... I shouldn't have said that...

Actually Maxine, you should have taken WhyIsItCheaper?'s advice...

If you are running low on propane and need AmeriGas out quickly, just call them at 3AM and tell them you have a gas leak. Of course they will charge you about $600 for 100 gallons of gas, but that's what you get when you deal with the mob.


for your information Maxine i am not the driver pulled from his route i dont know where you are from or care im the guy doing 5 or 6 things at once trying to take care of whiners like you. im glad you found another company but i feel sorry for them.

remember lack of forethought on your part does not make it an emergency on my part. i have real emergencies to care of.


You know why that new company is $1.07 cheaper? Because noone is there to answer the phones on the weekend.

Noone will respond to your gas leak at 3 in the morning. Noone will explain to you why your new mom and pop supplier ran out of propane halfway through the winter and now has nothing to deliver to your freezing mother. If you knew anything, you'd know that you get what you pay for.

Also, why is your mother so important that she should be placed before other paying customers? Why did she wait until 6% to order?

100 gallons costs the same whether you order it at 6% or 30%. You let the tank get low, you've been told how long the deliveries take, yet your mother still put herself into a situation where she could run out of gas.

Now of course this is all Amerigas' fault because they didn't drop everything and make all the other customers wait longer so your mother could get her delivery sooner even though she couldn't be bothered to plan ahead. Good riddance, you can take your braindead mother and her sense of entitlement elsewhere.


I never said that my Motherinlaws 100 gallons was more important than a gas leak you fool. I was pointing out the wrong doings to a customer of 33yrs.

You must have been the driver pulled off route for the gas leak. I am not a complainer, Yet if as you say you deal with complainers all day long, you have in my opinion just verified how bad your company is. As far as excellent service your company Sucks. Found a new gas company, which by the way is $1.07 a gallon CHEAPER (remember fixed income) than you rip offs.

Have change from Amerigas to our new company, which by the way came the day we called and REPLACED you. If the company you work for is as bad as it is you might want to seek out imployeement somewhere else. So Shame on you for being a ***. And so is your company.

I can see why you work for them.

Stay there so good people won't have to deal with you!!! you big baby.


while i sympathize with you that your mother inlaw should be able to get a delivery as soon as possible. to say that you 100 gallon delivery is more important than repairing a gas leak at your neighbors home is dead wrong.

you would be the very person to complain that someone got 100 gallons instead of repairing the leak on your system.

we deal with complainers like you all day my office makes every effort to provide all our customers excellent service but we do have priorities and a potentially explosive situation is a priority over delivery any day. shame on you for thinking otherwise.

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