Johns Creek, Georgia
Not resolved

I called and they said they could come iut christmas eve day and they would call 30 mins before and someone would be out before 2 and they were only open till i waited and no one called so at 1:45 i called and said i havent herd from anyone.they called a number that i used to have but i gave them my new number twice and said my other number isnt a working number so call my new no one came cus they close at to.even tho i pay for a serive plan.i go on vaction and get back today and they tell me i have to wait till the 14 and then they mite not beable to fix they charge me for a service plan and take my money and they dont even have someone who can fix the problem and i pay for out the a...for gas and dont have any hot water.iam telling you if i could do this all over i would never have anything gas they rip you off and steal your money

Product or Service Mentioned: Amerigas Heater Repair.

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