Saint Louis, Missouri

In preparation of running out of butane I bought a tank of Amerigas at Lowes a month or so ago. Today is Memorial Day and I was grilling some meat when I ran out of butane.

I installed my new tank of Amerigas and the flame is VERY low. No matter where I set the flame adjusted know it barely changes. I disconnected and I weighed the tank and it weighs 33.5 pounds. I reconnected the tank and now the flame appears normal when adjusting.

My name is George Gowan. Email is

Hopefully it will continue to provide a high flame.

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This type of complaint is the reason you cannot trust these complaint boards. Unknowing customer doesn't know how to turn a fitting doesn't call the customer service number that would offer him options to try just complains because he's a ***


If your connecting up to an OPD Valve. It is possible that you didn't have it fully tightened up the first time, or the excess flow safety was stuck and eventually opened up.

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