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The nepotism in the Eastern Sierra branch for both the Bishop and Mammoth Lakes districts is ridiculous.Is it not a firm rule that there is to be no family working together in close range and have no favoritism.You have married employees and children working together closely and that is not tolerable. The boss in turn practices unfair company policy to certain employees including himself.

Someone above, not even the Market Manager for the sake of losing a Manager, should dive in to how the business is really being handled. And when the Manager themself is carrying so many Vacation hours excessively because they don't account for it properly. Funny how a misunderstanding of a timecard for one employee doesn't effect another the same way.

Have an employee with Embezzlement in their past, but because when they were Hired, there was not a Background protocol in place. Nothing will be done.....but good luck with you company!

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