Bridgeton, New Jersey

I brought and paid for $900 worth of propane a few years ago. Because the gas was almost $5 a gallon, I installed an alternative heat source and limited my propane usage.

I originally signed a contact to purpose propane for 5 years and I did so, but after about 8 years, I used less than 50 gallons a year.

Amerigas took over from heritage propane, came out and locked the tank so that I could not access the gas I paid for, because I refused to pay rent on a 500 gallon tank heritage and the contactor who built the house buried in the ground. Why should I pay rent on a tank that has gas that I paid for and have yet to utilize.

Product or Service Mentioned: Amerigas Gas Tank.

Monetary Loss: $900.

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drop them

or blow up the tank


You have three choices. Pay the rent due on the tank.

Did you not read the fine print when you purchased the house ? Tell them to remove the tank from your property. That is if you own the property. Or go with out the fuel.

After all the tank is the property of the Fuel Company. Next time don't blame others for you failure to do your home work !


a propane tank owned by ANY company is considered an asset. That asset is purchased with the sole intent of generating capitol.

If they are not putting product through the tank, they quite simply are not paying for the tank and in turn seeing NO return on their assets. Regardless of how much product is left in the tank owned by them, paid for or not, if they are not seeing a return on the asset, they have every right to lock the tank, pick it up, pump it out or whatever they need to do to recover that asset and place it somewhere that it makes money. Think of it this way. Would you purchase a brand new car to sit in your garage?

No, you're purchasing it with the sole intended purpose of driving it. You signed a contract to purchase product for 5 years. That contract has been up for 3 years and you have not purchased product.

They are within their rights to do whatever they have to do to recover the asset.


Your missing the point, it’s not about the tank it’s about the gas that’s been PAID for. They owns the tank not the gas that’s been PAID for lock your tank PAY me for the gas that’s been PAID for. After that you install another tank and tell them to take their tank and stick it.


This thing is a rip off to the consumer but the leasing fee makes the company liable for the tank and gets you off the hook. The gas you own should be yours no doubt but the debacle pertains to the tank.

I have some supposed gas leaks in my house which I have to get fixed. Meanwhile my tank is locked. Moreover I lost 30 gals due to negligence by the gas company. There was a damaged copper tubing near the gas fill which resulted in *** in the copper tubing.

In 4 months it leaked out but you could smell it easily. BTW the tank is a write off for the company not an asset. The are amortized over their life span and they dont maintain them at all. So its a capital liability and a loss not an offset to profit.

Its like advertising or any overhead cost which is part of their cost of doing business. The propane is outrageously priced and that it where they make their money. Not everyone is going to be generous in the use of propane and the gas company has to yield to market competition. The very idea that another company cant fill that tank is outrageous.

Way back when there was a strike and I ran out of gas but couldnt get a delivery because of the strike. I went out and bought an oil fired water heater as my biggest gas user was the water heater. Yet I needed propane for my dryer and range and a back up water heater. So the gouging began and the equipt leasing BS.

The happy ending is I saved a ton of money with the oil fired water heater.

It paid for itself in a short time, heated water lots faster and ran beautiffully for at least 20 years. It also paid for all the gouging with plenty of money left over.

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