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On August 16th 2018 AmeriGas came and took my meter and left me high and dry with no gas! I paid my bill every month more than what they billed me because no one ever came and read my meter and I had to adjust for their underestimating my bill each & every month for 2 yrs.

They put their lock on my gate but kept loosing the key. I drove around the neighborhood and saw my neighbors still have there meters but I was singled out. The underground system is shutting down and AmeriGas just showed up last week to put tanks in everyone’s yards without hookup because I was told they don’t have permits yet. I found out about another company that will service out here so I had called and set up an appt.

Told AmeriGas I was going with other company so that’s when they came and took my meter. There is only bad & ugly service with AmeriGas.

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