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amerigas told me they would work with my family on my bill so i told them i would be in on friday 4/16/10 to pay 300.00 towards my bill well on thursday 4/15/10 i got a call telling me i had a appt in another town 1 and half hrs away so i called them and said i would be there on tuesday 4/20/10 cause my son had a doctor appt in another town 3 and half hrs away well 2 days later on 4/22/10 my tank was off and locked so i called them friday 4/23/10 and told them my situation that my son has a ton of medical things wrong and that the bill money got spent on my sons trip for his appt. and i needed more time to come up with it and they told me to look for an apt.

to live in cause i cant afford my bills 1st off its not the amerigas's concern what i can afford and 2nd my sons health is more important then this bill even though it runs everything in my home my kids will come 1st. the people that work in my towns amerigas are very rude i also have had problems with them telling my landlords dad (who is retired from amerigas) about us getting behind what ever happen with privacy do they not know i can sue them for telling my business i will not ever deal with them ever again and suggest that no uses amerigas for anything in their house

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I used to work for a gas company and could not believe people blaming me for them not checking their tank and running out. I was even told if their kids get sick I was responsible I wanted to laugh at how *** that sounded.

really get off your butts and get a job and always remember winter comes every year so don't wait till Nov and call and give sad stories of how you have little kids to make the gas company feel bad.

I cannot believe how *** and lazy our young people are we used to to laugh at most calls of how ridiculous they were. :grin


I always wondered if you put gas in you car at shell and you drive it till it runs out do you call shell and scream and yell how they let you run out of gas because they were the last ones to fill your tank but you had drove past that station 10 times same difference see how *** it sounds :grin


I initially called in to Amerigas because I had had read my gas meter and it was between 22-25%. I had never seen Amerigas let it get down so low. I spoke to Mindy and I confirmed we were on automatic delivery. I asked her why they weren’t filling my gas tank and it was February since I last got gas. She said I will get someone out there tonight. I NEVER told her we were out of propane and I NEVER asked for an emergency delivery. That was based on her own decision. She seemed apologetic on the phone because they had failed to fill it and I was on automatic delivery. On January 10/2012 I was transferred by Gerri and spoke to Mindy and she had no record of my saying or asking for an emergency delivery. She didn’t know why the delivery man would have written down it was an emergency delivery.

Previously, when I received the bill I called and spoke to someone named Gerri (female) and I told her I got billed extra charges and I explained I got a special delivery bill. Gerri assured me she would get that taken off my bill and apologized for their error. I should just send in the amount for the gas. This is what my wife did. Then when I got this past due notice I called on January 10, 2012 and spoke to Gerry again. She said the delivery man said I made an emergency call. Again, I never made an emergency call. I never spoke to the delivery man. I don’t know why the delivery man would have said that. She actually denied ever speaking to me before. Then in the middle of a sentence she transferred me to Mindy. Mindy said she had no written record of my asking her for a special delivery.

On January 11, 2012 I spoke to Angela who was very polite. I told her how I never asked for a special delivery. She went and tried to get that removed for me. Whoever she spoke to said they wouldn’t remove the $150 charge because the driver said I needed an emergency delivery. Again, I never spoke to the driver.

Out of nowhere comes a bill for $111.30 with no explanation. This came after I spoke to Gerri and I feel this was in retaliation for me complaining. I called and spoke to Angela. She explained that the $111.30 was a charge for not ordering enough propane during a period from 10/1/2010 to 9/30/2011. She said this was written in a contract I signed. She sent me a copy. I’ve included a copy of the contract which says nothing about a certain amount of propane I needed to order. When Angela sent this I said does it say I had to order 62.5 gallons and she said yes. She had told me that I needed to order 62.5 gallons. It certainly does not say that as you can see.

Angela also told me that it was on the bill he delivered to 80% capacity of the tank. I asked Angela when the gauge numbers represented. She said they represented the percentage of the tank that was filled. She said the tank has a 124 G capacity. Then I told her after the driver left I went out and looked and the capacity was at 70% not 80% as the driver had written down. According to the bill I got billed for 65.2 gallons. According to the driver’s percentages of 25% and 80% that would have amounted to 68.24 gallons. That tells me the drivers numbers weren’t accurate.

Then she said that I was charged $111.30 for rental of the fuel tank. That’s because I didn’t use 62.5 g from 10/01/10 to 9/30/11. I did use that much, but they never bothered filling my tank in a timely manner. They waited 8 months to fill it and that is only because I called them and told them I thought my tank might be running low. They are billing me because they didn’t make the automatic delivery and I still think this was a retaliation charge since they are the ones who are supposed to fill the tank. Even if the limit was 62.5 gallons when you add the delivery they missed my usage was over 107 gallons.

This is a list of deliveries made in other years. 012307, 02162007, 04162007, 02192008, 05122008, 11122008, 01292009, , 10162009, 02012010, 09202010, 10282010, 02182011, 10282011.

Angela told me my official starting date was 10/01/2006. Therefore my starting date each year would be October 1 and my ending date would be Sept 30. You can every year recently Amerigas made an automatic delivery prior to 9/30 of that year.




They had me on automatic delivery and now they want me to pay for their mistake of forgetting my delivery. It’s obvious by prior year deliveries I didn’t have to remind them to fill my tank. They are the ones who have control on my deliveries. These deliveries were not made in the winter but in a season where you wouldn’t need heat. Again we have oil heat and electric heat and don’t use this for our main source of heat.

This is the first time I’ve actually realized the 80n on the ending percentage should match the gauge on the tank. I was here when the man came and I went and checked the gauge and it said 70 or maybe even up to 72. Actually I’ve checked it frequently and I’ve never seen it over 70-72% after being filled.

I’m presently on social security and do not have an additional $261.30 to pay them. I have always been an honest person and paid my bills. You can look at my credit report. It is spotless.

1. To summarize I never told them I was out of propane.

2. I never made an emergency order for propane since my main source of heat is oil.

3. I never spoke to the driver and I have no idea why he would say I ordered an emergency delivery.

4. The person I spoke to Mindy had no written record of my ordering a delivery of propane and saying I was out of propane.

5. Gerri told me it was their mistake and apologized when I first called. Then when I got billed again she was very nasty and even denied she spoke to me. She was very rude the second time I spoke to her.

6. The rental on the propane tank appears to made up at their discretion.

7. All deliveries are determined by Amerigas and I am at their mercy as to when the propane is delivered. I should not e penalized for a propane rental since they failed to make a delivery. Again they have made deliveries in the non heating season before.

8. Even though my supposed end date was 9/30/11 for the tank rental I never got a bill until I received a past due notice in January.

All these circumstances could have been solved if Amerigas would have paid attention to providing the proper service to me. I should not of had to call to let them know my propane was running low.

I would like these charges to be removed. I would also like Amerigas to come and get their propane tank because for obvious reasons I do not trust them. I would like the $100 charge eliminated. Because of their improper business dealings I should not have to pay a fee. I would like to wait until I use my propane to do this. At that time I would like to call them have it removed within 3 business days.

Thank you for taking the time to read and please try to help us.


Amerigas also discussed my billwith an individual not authorized on the account. What is the law regarding this?


We are sorry to hear about your situation and apologize for your recent experience with AmeriGas. AmeriGas prides itself on providing our customers with the highest levels of customer service and we would like to help.

At your convenience, please contact Fran directly via email at so we can promptly assist you with this issue. To better assist you, please provide your AmeriGas customer number, phone number or the address and zip code where your propane tank is located.

Thank-You. AmeriGas Customer Service.


the 300.00 was my bill and actually the total was 671.00 cause the gas runs everything in my home (not my idea i rent) so no i was not very late again u think u know it all and need to judge me and second i dont pay my kids doctors anything cause they are on different insurance the has no co pay and no bill so now why dont u go *** with someone else bc i am being really honest here and sorry u have no life and dont understand why amerigas didnt work with me like they said they would and didnt get me a 24 hr notice and telling my landlords dad who has nothing to do with my lease about me being late so i will be seeing the company in court and getting it back on bc they will not get a cent from me till then they have screwed up.


You were obviously very late on the bill. You Promised to pay $300, which is not the whole balance, yet you didn't even send them a dollar.

They said they would work with you. That requires you to hold up your promise.

Did the doctor insist that you pay at the time of service? Maybe that's what the gas company should have insisted on.


i didnt have children early in age thank u very much and second my husband works 2 jobs and i have 4 part time jobs so between both of us we more then likely make more then u but try having 2 kids that medical issues that need attn often and they r 3 and half hrs away which take money to get there and also take money to feed my kids while there and hotel to stay in takes money smart *** and i did go to college and i have a teaching degree and i am a sub. teacher right now thank you very much so before u judge someone maybe u should know all ur facts plain and simple i had to use my bill money for my kids to be seen in another city for medical care and they dont care about that so again dont u judge me and my husband so have a nice day and stop picking on a family that works harder then u ever will.

@u think u know it all

Its People like yourself who need to figure out a few things. Medical issues with your kids is not an Amerigas problem.

You are suppose to

take care of your children.

If you cannot take care of them, maybe you shouldnt of had them, get a clue.

The problem is you. Stop blaming everyone else cause your an ***.


Call us we will let you continue to be late on paying your bills. We have never cut anyone off for a late payment. I can't believe them selling a product and not expecting to get paid for it.


You didn't pay your bill. Plain and simple.

Regardless of your excuses as to why, this all comes back to you. Maybe you should've gone to college, maybe you shouldn't have had kids so early in life, maybe your husband should get a better job.

Whatever the reason, you don't have the money to keep the heat on for your children, and now you're lashing out at AmeriGas for doing the same thing any other gas company would do if you didn't pay your bill, especially after repeatedly breaking your promises to come up and pay. Boo *** hoo.

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