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I've been an Amerigas customer for nine years. I got a delivery in Oct.

of 2018 for $3.599. The average price of propane in my area at the time was $2.65 per gal. as per the E.I.A. .gov site.

My last order for delivery as of 01/25/2019 was for 150 gal. at $3.959 per gal. The average price of propane on that date was $2.72 per gal. I did email a complaint and received a phone call but to no solution.

The man I talked with only wanted to talk about other methods of payment and ordering propane but didn't explain to me the high cost that they were charging me. So, I got my very expensive propane delivered today and that will be my last with Amerigas. In the past years I've dealt with other propane companies and I think they all use the same "bait and switch" method of getting new customers signed onto a contract. They give you a real good deal to begin with, low price per gal.

for the first fill-up. free installation of their tank and free hook-up and testing. And now they've got you right where they want you. You can't buy from any other supplier and now they can overcharge and make up for that nice promo deal they gave you and more.

I plan on buying my own tank and being able to shop for the best price on propane. The tank should pay for itself with the money I save by not being tied to a contract with one supplier and being overcharged and with some suppliers having to lease their tank.

Something needs to be done to break their little racket up. I am going to file a complaint with the Attorney General concerning what I feel is a consumer rip-off by propane dealers and the fact that they don't have any regulations to control their pricing.

Product or Service Mentioned: Amerigas Customer Care.

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