Hermitage, Tennessee

We have a 500 gallon propane tank buried on our property. The tank was installed in June of 2012 when our house was built.

This is our first winter in the home and the first winter using propane (Amerigas) to heat our home. This week, the temperatures have dropped. At night, we are in the low teens to single digits. Thursday afternoon, my wife calls and tells me the gas fireplace went out.

I thought, no big deal, I’ll just relight the pilot when I get home. WISH IT WAS THAT EASY. Turns out one of our regulators (2 stage system) had frozen. And so the saga of getting AmeriGas fix their problem begins.

We called AmeriGas Thursday night (after hours) and were connected to their call center in California. The rep I spoke to notified me he was calling the on-call driver and to expect a call from him. I went to bed at 2am with no call, and no heat. Friday morning came and I called back, this time to the local office.

Spoke to a person there and scheduled a tech to come out. Service guys came out and replaced the regulators at 1pm. By this time, the sun had been up for a while and was shining on the regulator, thawing things out. After speaking with the service guy, he told me that this type of thing is NORMAL and there is NOTHING THAT CAN BE DONE ABOUT IT.

Considering propane freezes at -44 degrees and water should NOT be in the tank or the lines or the regulator, I called ***. But we did have our heat back, unfortunately it was only temporary. Around 6pm (hour or two after it got dark) we were frozen again. Spent the night trying to defrost our regulators.

Ended up running to Home Depot and buying a few space heaters just to keep the temperature in our bedrooms above freezing. Called AmeriGas Saturday morning, again to the call center in California, who again said he would call the on-call guy. I freaked out, as the last time I never heard a word from them. He did actually call me back, giving me the pleasant news that no one would be coming until Monday.

I guess AmeriGas doesn’t want to pay the salary of having people available to fix your problems with they’re needed most. THANKS! So now its Monday morning and instead of looking into having AmeriGas fix their problem, trying to figure out how much it is going to cost to switch suppliers.

AmeriGas owns the tank so I’m not sure what, if anything, can be done. Chime in if you are experiencing the same issues with AmeriGas in the northeast.

Product or Service Mentioned: Amerigas Gas Tank.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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you had water in the tank. all the service tech had to do is add methanol to the tank.

when it gets to frezing tempatures at night the water freezes the orfice shut witch then shuts off gas supply. bet your tank never ran out of propane during this ordeal sorry from me service tech amerigas


For one, that is a buried tank. Amerigas will not let another company lease that tank.

You are responsible for digging it up. And for two, Amerigas DOES refund for any gas in the tank.


AmeriGas owns the tank. However, you can call any propane company and switch.

They will either remove the tank or they will make arrangements with AmeriGas to buy the tank or lease it.

However, if I'm not mistaken, AmeriGas will NOT pay you for the gas in the tank so if you choose to switch, make sure you use up the gas that you paid for!! Good luck - I have them also and the local company has the rudest customer service dept!!


Have them put some methonal in your tank to take out the moisture. This will work.

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