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Imagine my surprise when the first thing I see before posting my complaint is a posting by AmeriGas stating that they Provide "outstanding customer service" and to Please try to contact Amerigas Customer Service directly prior to posting any complaints on this site. What a joke.

I called 3 times to get answeres to some questions but the custmer service rep could not help so she was going to have the MGR call me back I waited 2 days and they never called. I took my new business to their competitor,they matched the price , no contract to sign , no hidden fees. I guess it was my lucky day that AmeriGas showed me exactly what type of company they were prior to getting in volved with them.

I feel sorry for anyone doing business with them. And I would never recommend them to anyone.

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Hello Goodaro , I'm sorry that you are having issues with your account. Please send your account details to or so we can proptly assist you. Thank you, Fran

I have to agree with you...I have tried to talk to someone for 2 days and they said that they would have someone return my call.Right...I am going to call all the propane companies in my area(Middletown Oh)
today...and see what they can offer me..I am going to send Amerigas a Registered letter through the post office to come and get their tank...People they are not the only Propane company in town. :x

You want all Amerigas employees on an unemployment line huh? Real nice, lady.

I hope your *** dried up and rots out and your children get cancer. How about that?


They are not customer friendly at all. Each of them should be working at a funeral home with their personality.

When you first go to them they offer you 1.99 a gallon and then raise you to 2.49 a gallon which is still pretty good.

The following year to do a pre-buy they charge 3.41 a gallon where other gas companies are charging 2.45 a gallon.

Try to reach them by phone. You can call all day and not get a response.

So glad I changed companies. I would not recommend them to anybody and have given out the new company that I am presently with. I could care less if AmeriGas went under and their employees are on the unemployment line. They deserve this and much more.

This is the worst company I have ever dealt with.

I have their tank on my property and now have to pay them to take it away. I have made at least a dozen phone calls to no avail.

This is a company that just does not give a *** about service, only thing they are interested in is getting the money in their pockets.

I tell everyone do not go to AmeriGas but shop around. To many other companies out there that want your business and will treat you so much better.

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