why won't amerigas sell propane without an inspection? i have lived at this site in excess of 25 years without a propane incident, no leaks, fires or problems of any kind except with suppliers yet they insist on rummaging through my home and shop checking my appliances, tank, heaters, pipes and who knows what else.they sent a service truck and 2 men to do this inspection.

i got the feeling they would have offered to do any "repairs" they discovered i needed, for a fee of course.

i guess they are the self appointed propane police. this is one $500 sale they missed.

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It's called a leak check it's required in most states and mandatory policy in most companies. It is in nfpa 58.

Anytime a company takes on a new customer, there is an interruption of service, or a new appliance installed it is required for your safety and to protect the said company from any liability. Don't get me wrong they still have a lot of problems but your or "their" safety is number one.


Are you the gentleman with the bad knee, the one that owns a bodyshop? If so, when I bring my car to your shop would you fix/replace my fender?

Or would you put it on a jig to check the frame or sell me whatever front end parts I may need? Maybe, just maybe your doing your job and watching out for the publics safety.


Hi, this is Fran from AmeriGas. I’m sorry to read that you are having issues with customer service.

We’d like to assist and help you as soon as possible – please email me at customerfirstfran@amerigas.com with your account details so we can look into your situation. Thanks, Fran


Hello, my name is Fran and I work for AmeriGas. I’m sorry to hear about your situation with customer service.

If you send your account details to me at customerfirstfran@amerigas.com, we will work on assisting you with this issue. Thank you, Fran


You should be grateful that someone cares . .


these service techs were there to do a job - not judge your house keeping skills! Until you see the results of the damage that is caused by a propane explosion, you will never understand the need to complete these safety checks on ALL sites


I've been a Service Tech for eleven years. I haven't heard of Tech's trying to sell what you don't need' Not at AMERIGAS anyway's. It all has to be documented, just like the inspection.

I have been in a lot of home's. "Excuse the mess." "Do you have to? I can light my own pilot's." I'm not there to judge your house cleaning, your pot plant in the corner or anything else. I'm there to make You and your family safe.

When your home blows up, you and your insurance company will be the first one's to claim, "AMERIGAS hasn't inspected my line's or appliances for twenty five year's. Must be thier fault.

I think not. Hope I don't see you on the eleven o'clock new's.

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