Reston, Virginia

*Note* This is not a complaint. Just a warning for you the new and old customers to read AmeriGas new terms and conditions!

It will cost you (the buyer) over $40.00 even be for you get your gas in your tank...! True story. They just started this new rule.(9-16-10) And they may change your price of the gas that they(ameriGas) quoted you on the phone just and hour be for. They can change the price of anything they want any time and do not have to let you know of the change.You will be charged $5.87 just for the their fuel in their truck to bring it to you.

Another $9.69 for hauling hazardous material that by law they have to buy that right from the Government. But none of that money will go back to the Government!And this is not a mandated government law.! There is another $8.00 fee a month for the up-keep of their meter on the truck that your ticket goes in to print it out for you. $25.00 recovery fee, that is to bring it to you!

Every time you get gas. And it goes on and on even further.They have a charge for everything that will make them more money. Which is a pretty good way to help their self and not the people out there just trying to stay warm in this hard time in America! If you get a total price befor they come out and deliver your gas, don't be alarmed when the bill you get from the driver is a lot more money!

you should have read this first..!!

You will just have to go to their web site and read it, under (Important Residential Customer Notice Regarding Changes To The General Terms And Condition Of AmeriGas Propane,L.P. (

Product or Service Mentioned: Amerigas Gas Tank.

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Tmsfits... I have no idea what kind of tank lid you have but mine only covers the fill valve...

The shutoff and line connections are on the outside of the lid...

The lid is LOCKED.

No fill, no empty... unless you have the key or a bolt cutter...


And finally...if I can impart one piece of safety info for everyone...please don't listen to "mattchoseright" and put a lock on your tank. Never ever put a lock on your tank for any reason.

If there were ever an emergency and someone needed to get at the valves or connections on your tank the lock could make the difference between a quick fix or big bang.

Even non propane related emergencies like a house fire...think about it....the fire fighters need to be able to disconnect your tank and get it away from the house...they don't need a locked lid slowing them down and putting everyone in danger. If you're worried about getting a delivery you don't want...simply place a not under the lid for the's really that simple.


We are sorry to hear about your situation and apologize for your recent experience with AmeriGas. AmeriGas prides itself on providing our customers with the highest levels of customer service and we would like to help.

At your convenience, please contact Fran directly via email at so we can promptly assist you with this issue. To better assist you, please provide your AmeriGas customer number, phone number or the address and zip code where your propane tank is located.

Thank-You. AmeriGas Customer Service.


The last straw I had with AG was when they decided to fill my tank and I hadn't ordered! I didn't have any contract with them.

They put 180 gallons in the tank and sent me a bill for over $600!! This was in May and all I had running at that time was a water heater. Since I own my tank I was already getting quotes from other suppliers.

Upon receiving the bill, I immediately called them and they said it was a 'courtesy fill' since I was at 25%? I told them that 25% would last me all summer and I didn't ask for it and to come get their gas. Then they told me I would have to pay a fee for them to pump out, to which I gave them the name of my family lawyer.

Of course then they tried to knock the price down to a more 'normal level' ($2.25/gl when the best rate I had at the time was $1.72) - trying to 'deal' with me... I gave them 3 days to come and pump the tank - I still ended up agreeing to pay for around 30 gallons at their 'discount' rate...

I won't let them touch my tank again...

All you tank owners - heed my advice - LOCK YOUR TANKS! And make sure someone is home when you are expecting a delivery so you don't get duped!

And the last poster is right on the money when he said it best... "their goals are to make money, increase stock prices and satisfy their shareholders" and what is missing in that statement? "INCREASE CUSTOMER BASE"... These big conglomerates don't give a rats rear about a customer... you are nothing but a number on the bottom line. SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL INDEPENDENT SUPPLIER.


AmeriGas is a business, not a charity. Just like EVERY OTHER BUSINESS and EVERY OTHER PROPANE COMPANY, their goals are to make money, increase stock prices and satisfy their shareholders. At least they're upfront about the fees, unlike other propane companies that hide the fees in their price per gallon or just plain lie to you about them until the bill shows up.


AmeriGas employee...I'm an AmeriGas employee too and you just put it PERFECTLY! Thank you!


Matt, I'm sure the people at AmeriGas are glad they won't have a fairy like you as a customer. What a whiney fruit.

You're siding with some *** who couldn't read his bill over someone who has to deal with *** like him all day. Wow.


I am considering purchasing a contract with Amerigas and therefore using the internet to research pro's and ***'s. I expect there to be both, and maintain an open mind, understanding that not everyone can be pleased all the time.

However, if the previous post by "amerigas employee" 08-10-2010 is in fact an actual employee, he/she has made my decision not to purchases amerigas services.

As an employee, that is an extremely unprofessional response complete with sarcastic remarks. Not the representation of a company I plan to give my hard earned money to.


I work for Amerigas. I take misguided calls like this all day.

Lets start with the oddest part of this post and go from there. First of all, the $8.00 Meter Service Fee is charged to customers who elect (that means choose) to have a meter installed on their house so they can be charged for the gas they use, instead of the gas we deliver and put in their tank. It helps us pay the nice people who go out and read the meters that we had to hire because most metered customers cannot be bothered to actually drag their rear ends outside and read the meter by the due date. Next, the $9.69 Hazardous Materials & Safety Compliance Fee.

I could quote the terms, but instead I'll simplify it for you. That's to help us make sure that the people who are driving 1,000+ gallons of highly flammable, explosive material to your house know what they're doing and are doing their jobs in the safest way possible. Call me crazy, but $10 isn't a whole lot to ask to make sure we're not going to accidentally turn your house into a smoking crater. Next, the $5.87 Fuel Recovery Fee.

Every single company that drives from somewhere else and brings you something charges this fee. They may or may not be up front about it, but we choose to be open and honest.

Forgive us. Any other questions?

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