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Figures we would find out our tanks were not filled more than 15% due to the need to replace them as recommended by Amerigas delivery driver. We estimated that 15% capacity was filled since the great weather would have allowed a period of time that any other company would've taken care of.

Its winter and the cold will come so get the tanks done. NOPE, Three record breaking cold days WITHOUT heat other than a small fireplace . Each morning we would call and Oh yes...A driver will be there today PROMISE!!! Five complaints in an hour about our area station....WTF does it take for some heads to get cracked and someone to clean house and start fresh with people that want to work, want to make decent money, want do things the right way, want to feel good aboput themselves for getting the god damn job done right the first time!!!

I'm unemployed and about now I would kill to be the person that went in fired everyone and ran my own team, I wouldn't know the first thing about what I was doing But it seems I have the current crew held down with my boot on their neck because of one reason! I want to do a good job......Give that damn number to Suburban Propane....your days are numbered AmeriGas!!!!!!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Amerigas Tank Refill.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Amerigas Pros: Finding a phone number to a different company.

Amerigas Cons: Constant procrastination.

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Their salaries are probably worse than your service. Somethings up.

I'm sure they have the gas.

They just can't seem to get it to you. They don't deserve patronage.

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