Germantown, Maryland

I arrived home from a weeks vacation at the cottage to discover I had NO HOT Water. I knew the tank was not bad as it was just put in less than 6 months ago.

I had lots of laundry to do and showers to take and had NO HOT water. Of course this happened on a Saturday afternoon so to prevent a weekend charge I waited until Monday to call my plumber. In the meantime I thought perhaps I had run out of gas. I checked the meter and it showed the tank being at 30% capacity.

My plumber arrives Monday at 5 p.m. to check out the water heater to find their is NO GAS going into the water heater. I call AMERIGAS and tell them I have NO GAS! About 20 minutes later someone calls me to tell me the tank was just filled with gas last week.

However, I was told that AMERIGAS replaced the "regulator" on the tank and NEVER TURNED IT BACK ON because the service guy "assumed I was not home". Really?

It's not like a had a note on my house telling everyone I was gone for the week! Now I am stuck paying for a plumbing bill because AMERIGAS "assumed I was not home" and deceided to leave the gas valve turned OFF !!

Product or Service Mentioned: Amerigas Gas Tank.

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First off we understand you was gone out of town. I am in the propane industry and I have to say AMERIGAS did the right thing by leaving the tank turned off after replacing the regulator.

Why was the regulator replaced maybe because of an issue. They had no way of knowing if you was gone or out of town. They should had left a no one home notice on the door or the tank at least. Now look at it like this.

If they replaced the regulator and then left the tank turned on and their was a leak in line for some reason. You walk in and BOOm. I see this as yes they did the right thing. So please think about the safety before you point the blame.

They could have saved your life. If you need to see the codes for why to leave a tank turned off please look up in NFPA 54 and NFPA 58.


Almost the same story here. I've been without gas now for over a week.

I came home from work, mind you I have NOT been on vacation or away, in fact there is someone on the property just about every day all day each and every day of the week, but I digress. I came home from work to find a message on my answering machine, unfortunately I could not understand the name of the individual calling, but he wanted me to call back so he could discuss the service call made to my home and what his service technician had discovered. I thought it was a wrong number so I ignored it. Shame on me.

I didn't think anything more of it until, having eaten out the previous night, I got up to make breakfast, and low and behold I had NO gas. NONE. I checked the tanks (two 100 lb) and both were turned off and indicating empty. I have written four emails and received one call from the "manager" who told me he'd check into it and see if one of his service techs had been to my house and get back to me.

No more phone calls. I won't go into great detail but this *** tried to tell me he didn't have my phone number, yet Amerigas had left a message, not to mention, oh...that's right, he called me. Anyway, I still don't have gas and I'm probably just going to tell them to come get their tanks. I'm all set.

After all, they can't charge me the fee to empty them, they already did that!

Honestly, is this the best Amerigas can do? What a bunch of low life ***!

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