Phoenix, Arizona
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We were charged for 150 gallons of propane and only have a 60 gallon tank and Amerigas says they only fill to 80% capacity . The delivery bill is for 34.2 gallons , but we had to pay ahead for the 150 gallons because of their mistake .

We have been calling the local supplier in Flagstaff for a refund for weeks and getting no where .

We were just told a few minutes ago that we have to now contact their headquarters back east to get a refund ! No one in the local office has been there long enough to be well trained in how to do billing correctly and this sort of circumstance is only being corrected when people double check their own bills .

Monetary Loss: $300.

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I worked for Amerigas and it is as poorly run as these complaints make it out to be. The supplier in Flagstaff is correct.

Refunds are generated from the office on Gulph Road in King of Prussia, PA, and the employees there do not seem to be motivated to do much in a timely manner. I used to cringe because they would tell me it would take 6 weeks for a refund. Call the corporate office: 610-337-7000.

Tell the operator you are from the Flagstaff, AZ, office and can't remember who to speak to about refunds because you are new.

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