Reston, Virginia
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I received my bill and it was $1.00 more than last month why thier service people are rude the people who answer the phone are rude and the charges are absurd. i am going to look for another least Penn fuel who had the company before was consumer oriented....

They have to change

or maybe they dont want our business...

i had to call to get gas you would think with the snow storms coming they would fill your tanks to be sure.and i had to dig a path for them to install fuel... no more....

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Amerigas here, the franchiser, is supposed to check my tank - 500 gallon - on a regular schedule. The last two times I looked at the gauge the tank was at 20% and 10%.

Its supposed to be checked and filled on a predetermined schedule - it wasn't. I called the dealer who said they had a new guy on the truck in my area. She said they'd have a truck out "in a few days!" I'd be out in a few days. Heck of it is, the local dealer is closed on weekends and holidays so they can't be contacted.

I ended up having to call the national Amerigas hotline to schedule a delivery. They wanted to charge me for an "emergency" delivery. I told them like ***, this was supposed to be scheduled and wasn't. After an hour of arguing about it I got the surcharge removed.

This summer I'm switching to a local guy. I may have to pay a few pennies more but at least I'll be able to reach the guy when necessary.


We are sorry to hear about your situation and apologize for your recent experience with AmeriGas. AmeriGas prides itself on providing our customers with the highest levels of customer service and we would like to help.

At your convenience, please contact Fran directly via email at so we can promptly assist you with this issue. To better assist you, please provide your AmeriGas customer number, phone number or the address and zip code where your propane tank is located.

Thank-You. AmeriGas Customer Service.


Some of you idiots that cant read and make smart *** comments about someone complaing about a dollar. Its a doller per gallon!

when people gat 500 gallons of fuel that simple math!

500 x 1.00 = $500! that is on top of the 2.25 per gallon.

500 X 2.25 =$1125.00 thats a freaking total of $1625.00 plus all their *** charges! so its not just a freakin dollar ***!


In December I paid $3.907 gallon. In January I was charged $4.844 per gallon plus a fuel truck charge of $3.49 and a so called Hazmat charge of $9.49.

Total bill for 80 gallons $400.98.

Anyone else charged like this? I live in Pa.


RN0831, you sound like a typical AmeriGas customer. You call up, ask for prices, but don't bother to stop and understand what any of them mean.

You were likely quoted a $2.55 lock-in rate and a $3.15 market rate. The market rate and lock-in rates are never the same.

Also, why are you mad at AmeriGas when YOU'RE the one that let your tank run out? You're clearly and repeatedly instructed to call by 30% at the lowest, yet you failed to do so and now it's somehow the fault of AmeriGas for your lack of planning.

And the emergency fee is only if you need the fuel delivered NEXT DAY. Once again, had you not run out, they'd have gotten a delivery to you in plenty of time with absolutely no emergency fees of any kind.


Reading this and placing it in context, I would be willing to bet that Ettersbabe

meant $1.00 more per gallon. After a long conversation with an Amerigas rep I got two different quotes.

One for $2.55 a gallon and the other for ~$3.15. Now multiply the difference by 400 gallons then adding in the Emergency delivery fee, and a nice chunk of change is now lost.


My point is people will ALWAYS have something to complain about. Whether they are paying more with the small company or because they are supporting a large company and the large company is "ripping them off".

I mean seriously who complains about $1.00??? You can't even hardly buy a candy bar or a soda for $1.00 anymore!!


well its another installment of *** from Winter is making everyone cran. Amerigas only supports the compressed gas industry in america which supports a part of our economy that hasnt been outsourced to china yet.

it also employees 50,000+ employees. you the kind of *** who *** about a raise and then wonders why everything is so expensive, go eat a gallon of ice cream and hang yourself


To submit questions or comments regarding the quality of service you receive from AmeriGas, please click here or contact our National Customer Care Line at 1-800-GAS-4YOU (1-800-427-4968


Maybe if people would support the small companies instead of going with the large companies to get something cheaper we wouldn't have to deal with so much of these larger company BS??? Like when a walmart goes in a town and everybody quits buying for the local guy because walmart is cheaper.

D*mned if we do, d*mned if we don't.

I wouldn't worry over $1.00 though honestly. There are people who would gladly pay an extra dollar just to have the gas because people are running out of gas.

Good luck with the other company :)


My neighbor was charged $1+ more per gallon than I was. When he called them and gave them our name, they said they would honor the same price for him! What's the deal with that????


LOOK, youwhinelikeachild, I cant believe you are so slow! Dont you understand corporations are nickle and dimeing us to death.

When you add all the so called extra fees and taxes and small cost increases it adds up to millions of dollars for them. They are ripping us off and trying to get us to swallow it by painting it as cost of doing business. BS! AND $1 is a lot to some people.

When you work for minimum wage and no will will give you full time hours, so they dont have to pay benefits, yes $1 can be alot! People like you are part of the problem, wake up!!


you bill was 1.00 more than last month. you said you talked to the company but didnt say the outcome.

what did they say was the reason for the hike?

what are the fees you deem ridiculous? give the WHOLE story


These people if you want to call them that, are obviously working for Amerigas that are making these smartbutt comments...........


Are you seriously having a temper tantrum over $1? I realize your welfare check has to last you all month long, but a single dollar isn't that big of a deal.

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