Redlands, California
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after our first winter bill from amerigas of 329.00 plus for one month's gas we thought we were just over-using due to the cold weather; so we cut way back and even went to bed earlier so the heater could be shut down earlier. when the second bill came after great cut-backs, it was still 251.00 plus.

at this point we called to check how much were we paying per gallon and i was finally told 4.83 per gallon.

this is double the price that most companies are charging. this is in addition to a 12.99 per month service charge for meter reading, i guess.

i see that amerigas was sued for price fixing in the eastern part of the country; i think that they are buying up other companies so that they can name their price.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

Monetary Loss: $275.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

Amerigas Cons: Pricing.

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He can still change Company but they are still cheating the people out of t heir money. Sounds like you work for the company.


Yes you are so right about the prices. Last months I paid 2.66 a gallon.

Now ii is February now the prce is 3.59a gallon.

I live in South Carolina. Their prices are a 1.00 more than the other propane companies around here.


Propane companies base the charge to customers on what they pay for the gas. Amerigas apparently guessed wrong and is paying more for it than others. Switch companies if you don't like the price.

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