Freehold Township, New Jersey
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I started doing business with Amerigas, 80 North Main street, Windsor, New Jersey in November . 2013.

When I call Amerigas I always ask to have my 100 gallon tank filled so I don‘t have to worry about checking the level. In June 2014 it was filled for $268.76. In August for $169.91. I received a letter in the mail from them stating I had a credit for $97.00. Which at the time I couldn’t figure out for what until I realized they were charging me for a full tank but only delivering 50 gallons.

This past December I realized my tank was empty. So I called them asking for a full tank delivery of which I thought I received on December 2nd. I asked them for the credit of $97.00 I had on my account and gave them my credit card Number for the balance of $155.63. When the driver showed up to my home after filling my tank he informed me that my tank was only filled to 50% capacity. I called the company to ask why I had paid for a full tank and only received half a tank. They had no answer for me. At that point I was more then upset because I am handicapped and have a difficult time going outside to check how much propane is in my tank which they expect me to do despite having explained this to them over and over again.

In early January 3rd. I realized my heat was not working properly so I had to go outside to check both my heating oil and propane levels to see if either one of those was the problem. I immediately noticed that I smelled propane and that my propane tank was almost empty Now my propane and my oil furnace work as one unit.

Without one or the other in the winter time means I have no means for cooking, heating my house or even hot water. When I realized it was leaking I immediately called the Freehold borough fire department to come

and shut it off.. Then I called Amerigas to tell them What had happened and that I needed to have someone come out and check the tank. When he got here he confirmed what the fire department had said that it was definitely leaking propane. It took him a bit to correct the leak but once it was corrected I asked him to please refill my tank.

Now for almost this entire month I have been sick and was not able to contact Amerigas about the problem until finally I received a bill in the mail from them for $260.00 and again the tank was only filled to 50% capacity. So what am I paying for? I already paid with the $97.00 credit a total of $252.00 which would normally have been the price for a full tank of gas. I have tried to contact them twice today, Both times asking to speak to a manager, which I never got . On the first call I was told that I don’t pay for the tank repairs. Why should I it’s not my tank! They are responsible for the tank and any leaks. Then in the last phone call I was threatened that they would come and lock down my tank if I don‘t pay them the additional money. Again I am disabled and to deal with this with an upcoming storm and the freezing weather outside is more then I can handle.

Product or Service Mentioned: Amerigas Gas Tank.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $260.

Preferred solution: I want a full accounting of all charges and delivery amounts for the past year. Since i have been asking for a full tank paying for it and only receiving half a tank for a number of deliveries.

Amerigas Cons: Customer service and price gouging, Business practices, Customer service will lie to you, Bait and switch, Problem not fixed.

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your offer of a credit contract does me no good. Unless you want to credit me for barbecue tank refills. I have no use for your company, you are nothing but thieves taking advantage of disabled homeowners


unless this company wants to reimburse me for $200.00 in overcharges. no this has not been resolved


Governor Chris Christie ......PLEASE tell us residents of NJ when something is going to be done by the State for the OUTRAGE of the PRICE GOUGING going on for propane in the State of NJ. I just got off the phone today to order propane where I was told by an Amerigas employee that the price would be $4.84 per gallon.

After being outraged, I hung up and did some research and called them back. I then spoke to a different representative offering it to me for $3.38 per gallon, after threatening to report this company to the better business bureau, State, etc., and she knew I was quite upset. And I believe I am still being ripped off at a $3.38 per gallon price. All of us in the State of NJ are tired of being ripped off by propane companies, especially AMERIGAS!

When is the state going to intervene to regulate these prices or run companies like Amerigas out of NJ for their dirty business practices and price gouging?

We've all had ENOUGH....I've had ENOUGH! Please do something about this to ensure that the residents of this State do not have to deal with companies like this that continually RIP US OFF!


Discontinued Amerigas in November 2014 and did not receive the proper refund from the gas left in the tank. They said I owed for tank rental for a tank I no longer had.

How can I owe for something I don't have. Very poor company service.

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