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To whom it may concern,

I am taking the time to write a letter regarding customer service within your company. I recently called for service in March of 2011. I was prompted to join a month to month service for $150.00 per month. I would not see a bill until after the fifth month (August 1st) as part of this program. By September I called the local office in Scotts Valley, CA. several times. This is the same office where I went into to sign up for service. I still had not received a bill by the end of September so I called three more times in October only to be told I would receive a phone call back to figure out where exactly my bills are going. I spoke with Latoya Lawsha at the Scott's Valley branch in the beginning of October and finally got some answers to the scenario. To my dismay, I found out they were sending my bills to my physical address not my mailing address. Which by the way the Amerigas office had my telephone number, physical address and mailing address on file. I called and spoke with Latoya on October 22nd regarding billing and a lack of ever receiving a bill. I was informed I had an outstanding bill of $1,346.67 dating back to March (please consider I was on a special six month billing plan). Latoya stated she sent me to collections. I then asked Latoya when exactly she sent me to debt collections. Her response was September. She also has the worst customer service because she laughed and told me that my bill was "brutal". Let me also clarify that during the time of my "six month special pay program" that ended at the end of July. Amerigas conveniently filled up my tank on August 15th after I was "delinquent". Why didn't Latoya Lawsha call me? Or check my file for contact info, or mailing address? Nothing was done. I was sent to collections after I had not paid by August 1st. Yet, they came and filled my tank again in August. I paid the bill on October 29th for the full amount. I was so confused by the lack of customer service and the inept attitude of just clarifying the situation over the phone I went to the office in person. Lotaya Lawsha, was there. I asked for answers to please explain the bill that I had paid. She had nothing but attitude and simply said "what am I supposed to do?" My confusion still existed during this visit because she managed to tell me the fault rested on the branch's side not mine for lack of communication. Yet, sent to debt collections and still getting my tank filled?? When I look at a breakdown of the bill it reads that I was billed $35 for September and October for late payment. Remember, I never received any communication and she said her staff never entered my mailing address correctly. I guess regarding AmeriGas customer service does not exist. I have no problem paying for services that I used. In this case, I used the propane. So I'll pay for it. I refuse to be laughed at, told running up an account to be brutal and inconsiderate. I refuse to be treated in such a manner by people you employ at AmeriGas! Customer Service is everything to me! Latoya Lawsha lacks communication skills and common sense. I am switching service based solely on Latoya's reaction to my questions.

Product or Service Mentioned: Amerigas Tank Refill.

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Posted July 27, 2012 Court August 23, 2012 Amerigas


Nice Nurse


Nice nurse who had Amerigas for 7 years. Now billed $1600 after discontinuing service. I need some witnesses and/or letters of billing practices, budget pay,incorrect deliveries, lack of service, constant complaints of their computer programs, and most of all I need prayers.

Stand By Me

Nice Nurse


sound like Latoya Lawsha is soon to be a manager! this co.

doesn't give a *** about cust. service just their botton line!!!!!


We ordered gas on Jan 2nd..was told it could not be delivered until the end of the following week (which should have been Jan. 13th) It is Jan.

16th and still no gas...we have had no hot water or cooking fuel for over a week..and have a small infant living with phone calls are returned...this is absolute worst customer service I have ever experienced. Am looking for new gas company.


I called Amerigas after not having any gas for 3 months because we had a bill they key sending that I could not pay due to losing my job. When I finally called to ask if I could make arrangements.

I was told my balance was zero!! I then asked if there was any way that they can only fill half the tank since my bill came to $600 the last time they filled it she said sure. I was so happy since I am still looking for a job and cannot pay &600. When they came they filled the tank with 100 gallons instead of 50 like we agreed on!!!

Needless to say I called complaining about this and all she could do was lower it by $150 but now the bill is back up to $569!!!! WTF!!!

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