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I contacted Amerigas on October 13, 2014 to remove their tank and propane from my property. After multiple calls and missed appointment dates by Amerigas, they finally came to my home on May 26, 2015 to pump the remaining propane out which was about 30%.

I was not home and he did not leave a receipt. Then the guy came the next day to remove the tank and notified me that there was still 10% propane remaining in it. It is against the law to transport a tank with more than 5%. He took it anyways and left a receipt for tank removal.

I got a check from amerigas expecting it to be my reimbursement for the 30% minus Service/dispatch fee. The check was only for 5%. I called Beth at my local office and was told it would have to be researched as they did not have a record of my May 26th pump out! Of course after a few weeks I had to call them back to check on the status of their research.

I spoke with Beth and Debbie multiple times from May to July. On July 7, 2015, Beth stated that they could not find any record of my pump out and they agreed to send me a check for 20%. At this point I was done contacting them every other week and agreed to the amount. Fast forward to today...September 4, 2014.

NO CHECK YET!!! I called and spoke to Beth and had to remind her of my story from the beginning. She apologized AGAIN and said they would cut the check for 20% today!!! We will see!!!

This has been the worst company I have ever had to deal with!

My husband and I are business owners and would never treat customers like this.

This whole process has taken almost a year! Unacceptable!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Amerigas Pros: Nice drivers.

Amerigas Cons: Customer service.

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This doesn't sound right to be I work for this f'd up company and they can not move any gas including the gas from your tank without documentation because you have to account for every gallon they would have used a pump out ticket and it would show on your account because that is how the computer system works and the local office can't cut a check it is done through accounting in the corporate office and it takes up to 12 weeks because of course they want to hold on to money as long as they can. What they are doing is wrong I recommend contacting a consumer lawyer

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