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We received our Amerigas bill and we were charged almost $2000.00 for 317 gallons of propane. We obviously thought it was a mistake, so we called and were told it was not a mistake, the going price for propane was $5.88 per gallon.

They even told us that it was normal for the price to fluctuate, especially in the winter. When I paid our bill 2 months previous, it was $2.39 a gallon. That is not fluctuation, it is gouging. We told them to take our tank away and that we were not going to pay our bill.

They then told us it would cost us $100 for them to do this. After speaking to three or four more managers, they finally told us they would lock us in at $2.39.

We are more than pissed that they tried to do this to us and will not drop it. We are telling as many people as we can about it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Amerigas Manager.

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The prices they charge are terrible. I would like to know how they can charge fuel recovery fees etc.

Not looking forward to another winter with them. Doesnt matter who you go with, they are all putting to us.


Fortunately I never got to first base with Amerigas, they left me high and dry when attempting to obtain service after moving into a house that requires propane for heating. I do however have a tank that belongs to them that was set to the side and currently 30% full.

They kept promising to get the tank for the past year but have yet to do so. I am currently researching legal options to acquire the tank and reclaim the propane if they fail to take it.

From what I noticed, it's like going to a gas station where it says "Major Brand X" but it's really owned by someone who pays for the franchised name. You want to use a propane company that does a better job of controlling pricing in given areas so you know what your going to pay.


Just had them pull our tank they charged us $149, called them, they disfigured and yep I'm right they still owe us another $45 dollars, *** pucks, we would still be your customer till you ripped me off last year, Lol I hope you lose your ***, greedy pucks


Called Feb 2014 to have my tank filled. No one showed.

Called several times over the next few months. Each time i was told they would be there with in 1-2 wks. As of June 30 2014 no one has come to fill the tank. Called today to cancel service.

Bought our own tank and can choose who and at what price we pay. ( Looking at comments below, I guess I now feel fortunate they didn't fill the tank at $5+ per gal.


PS. They are charging us a $.35 per gallon restocking fee on the unused propane in the tank, plus a $40 fee to pick up THEIR tank that we've been paying a RENTAL fee to use.



I am writing because our Propane bill tripled...this month.

It went from $474.31 to $1211.28.

They delivered 197 gallons on the 3rd of February 2014

And we were charged $5.639 per gallon. When I called the company the Manager, stated he could give us a price of $4.50.

When I was not satisfied with this price, he stated the gas price for that particular day was $4.50 a gallon, that was the best he could do. So I asked "Than why were we charged $5.639 a gallon." And why was the client in the news cast below, given a price of $5.99 and then reduced to $3.00 a gallon? I also read where it was not legal to charge sales tax on the LP gas. Is this true???

We have a charge of $79.24 on this current bill for taxes. Also we are charged a HazMat Fee of $9.59, is this correct???? And a Fuel Recovery Fee of $7.62, is this correct???? I looked up current LP gas prices and saw a current News story so I clicked on it.

I watched the news interviews from California, Channel 7, Ameri-Gas Customers stated they had been charged $5.99 a gallon.

Ameri-gas stated to give them a call, and they would get their bill changed to $3.00 a gallon. Everything is almost double in California so why are they getting a better price than Indiana Customers????


same thing happened to us .. charged us 5.65 qa gallon in rhinelandera nd after *** and *** aobu how they wher almost a dollar more than everyone all around they finally got caught and had to frefund us over 700 dollars .. freakin crooks


They are doing the same thing in Colorado. They are charging almost 1.00 more per gallon than the other companies.

Then when you want to have them remove the tank they almost threaten you with more charges. They also threatened to sue me or any other gas company that filled the tank.

The explanation for the higher prices is that they give better service. Really.


They did the same thing to me!!! I told them to get their tank and they charged me 100 dollars to come and pick up their tank!!!

Im on an extremely tight budget and tried to get them to waive the fee but with no luck.

Im so glad to be rid of them!!!


After two years of displeasure and overpaying for Propane with Amerigas, I contacted local news Watchdogs they were able to help me purchase my Amerigas owned tank out-right. I was paying $3.29 per gallon where other local companies were charging $1.35-$1.75 per gallon.

Needless to say I broke even on my tank purchase in 9 months. Amerigas was nasty each time I talked to them.

Even teh first bill I paid they chatged me tax on propane which they are not supposed to for residential consumers. Never recived refund back after numerous complaints.


WOW all these comments sound so familar, if you add the lock in price to present price your not saving. I was charged lock in price 112.00 locked in at 2.99 then I canceled.

they credit my account and when it was time to order in march gas priced 3.59. now if ordered 200 gals 718.00. if i would locked in it would have been 598.00 then add the 112.00 lock in fee. 710.00 saving me 8.00 and I only order twice year.

I ask them when there peak season was over. and they told me that if its cold for a day or so they raise the price and slowly lower it. I am tired of there grab. thirty propane is 1.79 gal.

I ask them how could Amerigas charge over double for thiers they said because they can. and get by with it.


I had Amerigas and that was the biggest mistake I have ever made. I was with another gas company and decided to use Amerigas. They gave me the first 400 gallons at the price of $1.99 and after that the price was $2.45. When my contract ended for the year they want $3.49 a gallon. I asked aren't communities going to be giving a special price. I was told very nasty the answer was no.

I went to another gas company and wanted the Amerigas tank to be removed plus they owed me $1,400.00 because when I first became a customer I paid them almost $3,000.00.

One phone call after another and no results. I finally went to my state rep and had them handle it.

They were going to charge $90.00 an hour to pump out the gas. The state rep had them pump it all out for the flat fee of $90.00 and after four months of calls I finally received the monies owed me.

I would rather freeze then ever go back to this company. The people that work in the Stroudsburg office are plain rude and nasty. They don't act professional at all. I would not recommend them to anybody.

Very pleased with the gas company I have. They are polite and answer any questions you have and they charge $2.55 a gallon. Big difference from from $3.49.

Amerigas is one company I would love to see go out of business. Stay with the smaller companies and be happier with the service.


I just purchased a home that has a 1,000 gallon Propane tank and use Amerigas. I'm very concerned with the 3 interactions I've had with them so far.

What are our options as consumers? Amerigas owns the tank and other propane companies will only fill their own tanks. This clearly limits consumer freedomcomplaining it nearly impossible to switch companies. The only way out seems to be to have the tank dug up and to find another company.

Any advice from the people that have dealt with Amerigas for a few years?

Also want to hear thoughts on the price lock? Can this be done without paying monthly fees?

I was quoted at $450 a month and would rather pay per fill versus per month.

Thanks in advance.


Call other propane companies. I had same problem, got another company to dig up A-gas tank and install theirs.

The other company took care of expenses involved. A-gas will pick up their tank and give credit or refund for gas that's in it at the price you paid for it....

or you can call A-gas and ask for a price for the tank you have..so you'd own it.

If this a fairly new tank, it will be expensive, as a refurbished tank is $1800 or so....but three fill-ups, 800 gals/fillup x $2 premium to A-gas you'd be ahead.

I'd say bye-bye to Amerigas, regardless. See if you can find out what company in your area is the biggest supplier and check on their reputation.


I have made several calls to Amerigas when my budget went up 60 dollars a month-I called and am getting so many different numbers I don;t know how they keep them straight--I was told the current price of gas is 4.03 a gallon and I am so lucky to be locked in at 3.45--after several phone calls to local gas companies I find the price per gallon is 2.86

Amerigas has us really screwed--am trying to figure out how to get their tank out of my yard...and switch to a gas company that is fair...when you heat with propane they are talking about 1000 dollars or more a year...my daughter called-she owns her tank-they told me it would be cheaper if you owned your tank-not so for her she is paying the same 3.45 per gallon--also made a call to see how much a new 500 gallon tank costs-just a mere 1500---unbelievable


You could have easily found another company and told Amerigas to pick up your tank. Any gallons in the tank would go back to them if you didn't want to pay for the gas.

Sorry you had to go through several managers, however you have your price locked in. Quit your *** or find another provider if the company is that awful.


We are sorry to hear about your situation and apologize for your recent experience with AmeriGas. AmeriGas prides itself on providing our customers with the highest levels of customer service and we would like to help.

At your convenience, please contact Fran directly via email at customerfirstfran@amerigas.com so we can promptly assist you with this issue. To better assist you, please provide your AmeriGas customer number, phone number or the address and zip code where your propane tank is located.

Thank-You. AmeriGas Customer Service.

@AmeriGas Customer Service

u apologize... u people are ripping people off liek crazy and u got caught..

shouldnt cost over 2000 for 350 gallons of gas i hope u lose all your business and u deserve too.. could barely make ends meet getting charged outrageous prices ..

@AmeriGas Customer Service

RIPOFF RIPOFF RIPOFF Just got done arguing with my local Amerigas office about pumpout fee's , I told them it was wrong and a ripoff! and that I paid them once for there gas in the tank and paid a rental fee yearly of $400 if you don't buy $400.00 worth of gas, when I first started getting gas from them a tank rental was $1.00 per year Save yourself the headache DON'T BUY FROM AMERIGAS buy from J P Gas in Huntsburg OH. I THINK IT'S TIME FOR OUR GOVERNMENT TO STEP IN AND REGULATE THESE COMPANIE'S NOTHING BUT A SCAM  / CONSUMER RIPOFF !!!!     

@AmeriGas Customer Service

*** just like you did us, lol bet your not laughing now I hope you have to repay every one, how's it feel to lose more customers than your getting new, I will let everyone I know you are a crook


Amerigas in Indiana Pa. is RAPING ME Amerigas propane is 3.81 a gal.

called around and THRIFTY PROPANE IS 2.03 a gal., SUBURAN IS 1.94 A GAL.,BEATY GAS is 2.49 a gal. Big differance right? Well this is not right.

a lot of people are having a hard time paying their billsAND aMERIGASIS CHARGING what ever they want. Amerigas should be arested Amerigas must be owmed by a bunch *** eating queers stay away

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