Newark, Delaware
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Had my propane tank installed 2001 by kean propane,they sold out

to amerigas in 2011, since they own tank can only buy from them.

Propane was delivered on dec 19,2013 couldn't believe price when

read bill $4.48 per gallon,checked with friends that uses propane,

$2.89--$2.99--$3.29 per gallon,tanks owned by propane companys

called local office,lady I talked too didn't seem to care about my

complant,called amerigas main headquarters they have no control

on prices at local level. In my state PLC has nothing to do with propane suppliers.amerigas is price gouging!!!! I received my bill

now price is $4.529 per gallon.

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Whoops I meant $1.30 a gallon for thrifty propane but you have to buy your own tank that's the catch


Same problem here and then I had to pay an extra $100 a year to keep it down I think it was like $3.29 that was our special price if I paid yearly $100 I finally got enough money together to buy my own tank from Thrifty and only paid $0.76 a gallon and their normal rate is about $2 30 a gallon more price up front to buy the tank and such but well worth it get away from amerigas as soon as possible


I have the same problem. They want to charge over $4 a gallon!

Said I don't use enough. I'm looking into trying to get someone to see if this is legal.


Amerigas SUCKS, Had same thing happen to me.


Just got propane 1-14-2014 $4.55 a gallon this company sucks,,way over priced ,


Im in VA charged me 3.81 gal but said I have to get 800gal.... who can afford 3000$$ in gas ....

charged my dad 5miles away.. 6.21gal for 150gal... Such a crooked company.

Called and told them come get their tank off my property.


I am in Maine..I use Amerigas because my previous company sold out to them 2 years ago...I just got a bill charging me $4.84/G...last bill 3 weeks ago was about a dollar less per gallon, which is still higher than the going rate...I will be changing companies as soon as the snow piles go and the new company can change out the tank...They are the biggest price gougers...I am appauled.


We just had the same thing in Ohio this winter. I tried to have our tanks filled in July/August.

They wouldn't fill until at 20 % . They just filled ours in Feb at 5.58 a gallon while local companies were 3.59


Just do whatever you can to terminate your service by these crooks. Find a privately owned propane company in your area who's main goal is customer service and not stock holder dividends.

I sit here and wonder to myself how crony companies like Amerigas are able to dupe so many people into doing business with them.



We may all want to do what I am contemplating doing - Change suppliers, make your own adjustment and short pay your final bill.


Just got my bill from ProPane, Inc in Brownsburg, Indiana. 181 gallons= $755.01 @ $4.169/gallon plus associated fees for a total of $826.27

Am on a keep full basis.

Called PropPane Inc and talked to a lady in customer service(?) and got nowhere. Asked for a phone call FROM NOW ON AS TO PRICE OF PROPANE ON DELIVERY DAY, AND SHE SAID THIS COULD NOT BE DONE.

I apologized for asking her to do something so difficult, and told her that this was even funny that her cavalier attitude (or maybe incompetence) prevented her from helping a long time customer. Does anyone else think I got gouged??


Tomcincas, having been in a similar situation, I am sorry to report that it is even worse than you described it. Other than propane, electricity is the most expensive form of heating, at least in most areas of the country.

Even if you have a thermodynamically impossible 100% efficient propane furnace, and electric costs 12.2 cents per KWH, electricity is cheaper if propane exceeds $3.27 per gallon of propane.

My propane furnace is listed as being 80% efficient, so for me, electricity is cheaper if the price of propane exceeds $2.62 per gallon. I suggest you get some electric space heaters to cut down on your propane usage, but be careful with the fire hazard issues.


I just received my 12/31/13 bill and they are charging me $5.899/GAL!!!!!

You'd better believe they'll hear from me tomorrow!


You seem like you didnt attempt to call your local office , and it also seems as you think as the customer the company should bow down to you , get grip dud you get more with sugar were probably an *** hole when you called too ..who helps *** holes ?


To Anonymous

Did call local office,manager no help!!!!!!


I am switching to AmeriGas from Gas Inc as the price quoted by Gas Inc was $2.80 [Dec 26th 13]. AmeriGas quoted me $2.429 and should be doing this tomorrow. Last year I paid $2.10 and I am in Georgia.

I was looking for posts on how to make sure I pay for what they supply.


Good luck. Price for Amerigas is $5.34 a gallon.

They are blaming it on the "cold in the East". Be smart and go to another company!


I also own my tank and I received a delivery from AmeriGas on 12/30/2013 and paid $4.86 a gallon in Hampshire County,WV. Since they own the tank they consistently charge more and keep the process of buying the tank from them difficult with high and unfair prices. Would never recommend this company.


I live in De and unfortunately for me I live in an apartment and not able to change suppliers because of a contract my rip off property managers have with those crooks at AMERIGAS, I hardly use any gas and almost passed out when I got a bill for almost 300.00, when I called them and disputed the charges in a few days I got a bill for almost less than half of what they tried to rip me off, and tried to tell me it was a system issue, if you have the opportunity change suppliers, AMERIGAS is bad news.

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