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Had my tank filled and was charged $4.42 a gallon and my neighbor had his filled the same day by another company and was charges $2.70 a gallon. I called amerigas and was told that $3.70 was the best they could do.

I told them I was switching companys and all they said was ok. They do not give a crap about their customers. I have been with them 30 years and I am done.

This was the second time they pulled this on me. I am a senior citizen and cannot afford to be ripped off.

This amerigas office is in Showlow az.

I called them and contacted amerigas on their website and was told by both, we are sorry for losing you as a customer. They clearly do not give a crap.

Product or Service Mentioned: Amerigas Tank Refill.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

Amerigas Cons: No customer service.

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I have an homeowner owned underground tank. Every time Americas bought out my previous supplier the price went up well over a dollar per gallon.

I would call and they would reduce it some, but not very much. I would immediately begin the search for an independent supplier.

These people use predatory practices. If they happen to own your tank be extremely cautious as you are under their control.


Amerigas just did the same thing to me, they never sent a contract after they doubled my price and are now trying to charge me 3.62 a gallon when I can buy it somewhere else for 2.62


had the same issue this week 57 gallons delivered for a fireplace we use for additional heat in cold weather - $297 totally ridiculous along with their leasing fee per year for their tank over 135 - getting rid of them asap.


Just empty the tank and abandon it. Leave it empty and go buy an above ground tank for yourself and go shopping for fuel whenever.

Don't need them to come get their tank. It's still their responsibility.