Cloverdale, Indiana
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Have been customer of Amerigas for approx 20 years, was happy with products and services until now. Have been on keep full basis for long time now, in December, ran out of gas, Delivery two days later.

No big deal, everyone makes mistakes and I let it go. Tank filled this week and recieved bill couple days later- $3.20 per gallon? Checked other sources in area, most expensive found was $2.50 per gallon. when this tank is empty, IT's GONE.

Will not tolerate price gouging. also am sending complaint to Better Business Bureau.

This is the way they treat their long term customers that have ALWAYS paid promptly. Dave

Product or Service Mentioned: Amerigas Tank Refill.

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The price of propane you are charged includes many variables starting with it's a by product of making gasoline and processing natural gas. Have you noticed gas prices over the last 3 months?

Supply disruptions can be a huge factor. They can contract gas from a specific source but if they can't get it due to lines, shortages, allocation, etc. they have to get it somewhere else that almost always costs more.

Are you buying minimum amounts? If so, it costs as much to deliver 10 gallons as it does 700 so think about it. $130,000 truck, driver, benefits, insurance, etc. spread on 10 gallons or 700. can be SURE, the price you're quoted on the phone and the one being charged to customers are not the same.


We are sorry to hear about your situation and apologize for your recent experience with AmeriGas. AmeriGas prides itself on providing our customers with the highest levels of customer service and we would like to help.

At your convenience, please contact Fran directly via email at so we can promptly assist you with this issue. To better assist you, please provide your AmeriGas customer number, phone number or the address and zip code where your propane tank is located.

Thank-You. AmeriGas Customer Service.


Sounds so familiar. I was away on vacation and forgot to check my propane level.

The day after we returned, we ran out. They refiled @ $ 3.13 a gallon and we had to pay upon delivery. I had my husband call Amerigas to get the current rate and they quoted $2.74. I called the next day and complained about the price gouging and was credited teh difference.

What a complete ripoff! Can they make up any price they want?

I switched companies and after now waiting 2 weeks for them to come pick up their tank I called again and was told they'll be over next week. When I asked when I'll get credit for the gas in the tank, I was ONLY THEN told about the $98.00 fee I would be charged for pickup.

This company is unbeleivable!!! Glad to be rid of them.


Dave has a good point, I too got propane on 2/3/10 and paid $3.73 a gal., up $1.15 a gal from 12/17/09. I checked around and NO ONE was this high in Feb. I use more gas in the summer heating the pool so this spring I will move on and change suppliers.


dave, you strike me as the kind of guy who *** s sheep.

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