Murrysville, Pennsylvania
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We have been an Amerigas custumer for eight years. Three weeks ago I sent my son up to their office with a 350.00 check.

The rep informed us that propane was 5.03 a gallon and we needed another one hundred fifty bucks. How dare you charge so much for propane. We are exactly 7 miles from you. I subsequently walked out of my front door and asked the Suburban propane gas delivery person what the going price for propane was, and he told me 2.79 a gal.

Called Ferrell gas: 2.69 per gallon. These were not new customer rates.

We have been without heat for the second time this year and it was not due to the lack of money. Amerigas provides no customer srevice and no customer loyalty.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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I'm in East Stroudsburg. Just paid $877 for last delivery yesterday and today found my tank full with a $2418 bill @ almost $5 a gallon.

I took the auto delivery off and I will purchase the propane in the summer. TOTAL RIPOFF


:) i live in the long valley area of new jersey I use propane to heat hot water and cook with, I had ny own 100 pound cylandes and thatg was about 15 years ago, we were dealing eith a local propane company who sold out to amerigas, amerigas took my tanks with out my permission and replaced it with a single tank, then i noticed the price of propane climing.I went to thier office and asked why the price was so high they tole me that i was paying rent on thier tank. I wondered what happened to the tanks i had bought when i bought this home.

the y had no answer for me..

i feel that i am being held captive with this company and know that they are charging more for propane than any one else in nj. In the pocono's where i have a second home that is heated with propane it only cost 1.95 per gallon...


where on gods earth are you people at that pay 4 or 5 dollars a gallon? i have been a driver for ferrellgas, heritage and now amerigas and have never seen gas at our plants go over 3 dollars in 15 years.


I am an Amerigas customer in Michigan (soon to be ex). Last summer I got a bill for $119. I monitor my tank level and knew they had not filled it, so I called to see what the bill was all about. I was told that, if I payed the 119.00 I'd be locked into a price of $2.69/gal for the winter. Otherwise, I'd have to pay $3.69/gal.

Feeling like I was being blackmailed, I threw the bill away and figured, I'd take my chances.

I called this week to see what price they were actually charging. It was $3.01/gal. 3 of my neighbors use other companies and are paying between $2.20 and 2.50 per gallon.

As soon as I use up what's left in the Amergas tank, I'm switching to a local company.


Price gouged me by 35%. Will be removing the tank next time it is empty and replacing hot water heaters with electric. AMERIGAS IS A RIP OFF!!


AmeriGas sucks. I had propane gas leaky.

The serviceman just fixed one place, then said testing well done. Until a few days later I checked my tank guage, which was not leaky at all(its driver tested). I though it was due to the service guy made it worse if he did a test through there. But it charged me a lot($400).

it said the tank is mine, they do not warantte its work. I had to pay it no matter what.

Never thought any company so mean, so rude, NEVER use this company. YOU SHOULD KEEP AWAY from this bad company.


One solution to our problems is stop using them!! There are great "mom and pop" propane companies all over our great nation who still really provide great customer service and competative pricing!!

They are locally owned and operated shop around. There not on NASDAQ there are no fat rich board of investors telling them what to do and pricing them out of the market. There names are not amerigas, ferrellgas, independent, heritage, or suburban! Start a revolution!

Don't be tricked by fancy words and professional demeanor, it's a trick. The tens of thousands of people they gouge during the winter earns them millions and millions.

So losing a few hundred customers in each state does not matter to them. Spread the word!!


I was shocked when my latest bill showed $5.21 per gallon for propane. I called FIVE other area dealers and the prices quoted ranged from $3.29 to $4.11 per gallon.

I was charged $1.10 per gallon more than the highest quote. I called and complained so they reduced this bill to $4.72 per gallon.

That is still much higher than the highest quote.

I will be switching dealers or going to electric. Either way I can no longer afford Amerigas!


Hey, Fran it is too late. Your company is charging cash paying customers almost double for no reason.

We never got treated like this when we were receiving energy assistance, but now that we have cash and it's tax time you think you can rip people off. I am seriously thinking of filing a complaint with the attorney general. Thank GOD I was not *** enough to pay your prices or I would be suing you, but my family had to go without heat from Feb.15th through March 2nd.

Maybe I can sue for pain and suffering. Hopefully your company is *** enough to price gouge energy assistance and/or crisis and the State will be involved !!!


Fake Fran pops up again.


Hi, this is Fran from AmeriGas. I’m sorry to read that you are having issues with billing.

We’d like to assist and help you as soon as possible – please email me at with your account details so we can look into your situation. Thanks, Fran

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