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We just purchased our tank after 11 and a half years for $1,018.00. They are trying to tell us that to get to the price of the tank as of today, they will take the purchase price of the tank, less a depreciation of about $50.00 per year.

According to the person we are speaking with, the tank price today is $1,600.00, and is then depreciated since the day it was probably manufactured (2002), not from the day they sank it in the ground. They are unable to tell us the amount they actually paid for the tank when it was put in (12/2003). They charge whatever they feel like - not only for the tank, but for the propane as well. We had a fill in December at $1.90 (our lock-in price), then our last fill in February was at $2.85 per gallon (when the lock-in expired, but they hadn't sent a new contract to us - they said it was on us to remember to request a new contract).

Other non-AmeriGas customers (ones who have just recently purchased their tanks) as paying a little as $0.90 per gallon. We fought with them about that price, and were able to get a $500 credit.

When we just spoke with them now to get the buy-out price, they reminded us that they kindly gave us that credit so we should just pay whatever they requested for the buy-out of the tank. (Do the math - two fills as overcharged would cover the cost of the tank)!

Be aware that if you have an AmeriGas tank, you are paying more per gallon, and that if at some point you would want to buy the tank, you will overpay for that too.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

Amerigas Pros: Driver attitude, Nice drivers.

Amerigas Cons: Amerigas, Price gouging, Customer service will lie to you, Prices have no basis.

  • Poor Service amerigas
  • Price Gouging
  • Missing Contracts
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