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Update by user Feb 27, 2013

After many complaints via email and phone, we finally got a delivery. It seems to help to find out who the Quality Assurance Specialist is in your area AND to cc the company CEO. For example:

Julianne North

Julianne North

Quality Assurance Specialist

Customer Relations Representative


Santa Cruz, CA

District #0210

Phone: (831) 438-3400

Fax: (831) 438-3831

CEO: jerry.sheridan@amerigas.com

Original review posted by user Jan 22, 2013

We submitted a request to fill our propane tanks on Dec. 26, 2012. After not seeing a delivery for during the next two weeks, I again called the company. A partial delivery of 20% was made with the driver's note he would return the next day to complete the delivery.

It is now over 10 days past the lastest promise and still no sign of our propane.

Not being able to fulfill customers' requests for their product does not speak well for the long term prospects for Amerigas. At this point, if we do not receive a full delivery within the next week, we plan to switch to another company.

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We have experienced all of the complaints that are already posted. We have been promised a delivery since last Thursdday.

I have been calling the main # since yesterday. The local office does not answer or return calls. It is very cold and I have a 95 yr. old and children living with us.

I am beyound pissed.

I am very sick but getting out of bed and driving to the local office to speak directly with one of the useless employees. We will be changing to a different company in the spring.

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