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I purchased first "country home" early 2001. I was told "you own your own tank" by the home sellor and her Realtor.

Really didn't understand the significance. Home sellor praised Amerigas delivery service and so I kept it. Was working and did not even note or question the cost/gallon. After retirement, 2/5/15, got invoice for filling of $1,938.

Price/gallon of $4.569. I checked Hunt Country propane. Their price was $1.849/gallon! I cancelled Amerigas automatic delivery.

Next fill-up with Hunt Country on 3/9/15 at $1.849/gal. Then 9/30/15 by Hunt Country at $1.49/gal. Then, when Hunt Country next came to top tank, found that Amerigas had installed LOCK on tank, without any notice. I called and said I owned the tank on my property.

They said "Amerigas owns it" and they sent me a copy of a Virginia Easement Agreement dated 23 Jul 1999, signed by home builder and "Commonwealth, its successors and assigns, the perpetual right...". SOMEBODY misrepresented the facts when we bought the home! I told them to remove the tank lock - they ignored my request. Then, 6/30/16, they sent me a bill for $125.08 for a "tank rent minimum." I told then I owed nothing.

Subsequently they have sent "late notices" and bill is now $197.08.

Am communicating with Commonwealth of Virginia Attorney General's office.

Product or Service Mentioned: Amerigas Propane Tank Refill.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

Monetary Loss: $10000.

Amerigas Pros: Driver service.

Amerigas Cons: Billing customer services, Billing customer services and pricing.

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I'm having a similar issue in Va. Amerigas trying to stake claim on our tank, despite no documentation to indicate they own it.

Our builder told us we were free to use any provider we wished. We keep getting a monthly rental fee from Amerigas, despite us using hunt.

I just wish they would act like an honest company with integrity and either provide proof they own it, or otherwise stop trying to extort money from me by screwing my credit on their false claim.

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