475 North 6Th St., Prescott, AZ 86301, USA
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Only puts out gas for no more than 11 hours and then acts empty, I took it back to the Prescott location where I purchased it and the dock hand and certified tech refused to the idea that there is a purge problem with it , I had to use it this evening and woke up to no flame on my srove again this very cold morning ! I had to call the police the last time that I was there because Jim the tech got defensive and beligerent in the office when I was explaining the situation to the office staff, it quickly got very ugly and after I called the police they said that I am not allowed back .

I am stuck with a new tank that doesn't work as it should, $50 . Plus for a tank that needs purged , Buyer beware of this location, they will allow Jim the dock person curse you and treat you like an piece of crap and refuse you help !

Product or Service Mentioned: Amerigas Gas Tank.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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Not resolved yet but I did call and spoke to the manager and he is going to exchange the bottle for me but I am trying to use all the propane first because I would lose any remaining in this bottle , also I am having to make an appointment to exchange it only when the manager Dean is there !


He is correct, if not purged good, it won't work right


As I recall, when purchasing a new propane tank you need to purge it by filling it with propane and then releasing the contents into the atmosphere. This gets rid of any air, etc.

which could interfere with the release of the tank's contents during use. Your solution is to take the tank to another supplier and have it purged and then filled. The propane you expel during the initial purge will be borne by you as will the fill.

You are on the right track as to your problem but now you need to find a supplier who knows what they are doing. This is not rocket science and this procedure has been around for many decades so there is no reason for a supplier to argue about it.


I agree , I was so blown away by the company personal to allow this tech to be defensive rather than fix the problem and to put aside his pride, we all make mistakes , and should be able to act professional and do what is right for the customer,


Once I purchased a 20 lb tank from them. I think it was reconditioned.

Whatever, anyway. Got it filled, brought it home , removed the wrap around label, used it , then brought it back for a refill. Guy told me he couldn't refill it. Seems the label on a shabby paint job had created a rust spot.

You can't even approach the loading area. Have to meet them halfway. A certain paranoia to this company. Rules and fees, fees and rules.

Find another company.

Nothing else will go wrong until it does. I don't think the threat of competition will wake these people up.