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AmeriGas in Palmetto, Florida, provides quite possibly the worst customer service of any company I've ever known of and I've worked with and been a customer of many companies.

Erica and Carrie are condescending and rude with tone and they do not care one bit about their customers. The only thing I'll give them credit for is consistency because they give consistently bad service. Erica and Carrie are exactly the same in their poor service. I've never encountered two representatives less caring about their customers.

They repeat the same script all the time with no concern with what their customers are telling them. AmeriGas often shows up at a different time than when Erica or Carrie say they will and they often don't do what Erica and Carrie say they'll do. There is never any contriteness by Carrie or Erica. I waitressed when I was in law school and I always apologized to customers if they had a concern even when it wasn't my fault because my job was to make that customer's experience great. Carrie and Erica do not seem to understand that at all.

If I heard a conversation with them with zero context, I would think they were the customer instead of them being the ones in customer service.

I will recommend against using them to anyone who will listen and I will not use them in the future.

It's a shame that Carrie and Erica are the gatekeepers because Bill was very kind to us when he did the safety check and we do appreciate Bill for that.

I should add that Rachel at corporate has been magnificent and I'm so thankful for that!

Product or Service Mentioned: Amerigas Customer Care.

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